How To Download Photomath for PC (Windows & Mac) – Step By Step

Have you been trying to download Photomath for PC (Window or Mac) but can’t seem to get through the challenge? Don’t beat yourself up because I am about to show you how you can quickly download Photomath on Windows 7/8/10 or Mac.

How to Download Photomath for PC (Windows or Mac) 

So how do you download Photomath for PC? First, you should download and install an Android emulator to create a replica of the Android OS on your PC. Download and install the app using Google Play Store through the emulator and you should be able to use Photomath on your computer without any problems. 

Here is the detailed step by step process on how to install Photomath on your computer.

Part 1: Download an Android Emulator

Android emulators help us to simulate the Android operating system on Mac and Windows so that we can run Android applications on our PCs.

Step 1: Downloading BlueStacks

First you must download an Android emulator on your PC. I will be using Bluestacks in this guide but you can also install any of the following.

Step 2: Add Your Google ID To The Emulator

Adding a Google ID to the emulator allows us to access to Google Play Store.

To do that,

Launch the emulator you just installed above and double click on settings to start the system settings.

Open settings in bluestacks

Step 3: Add Your Gmail Account

Tap on Add Accounts and then select Google. From the next screen, choose the existing account option if you have one or create new to create a new Gmail account.

Selecting account type

Step 4: Enter Your Login Details

Assuming you have Google account, key in your login credentials and hit next to login.

Linking Gmail to BlueStacks - Download Photomath for PC

Part 2: Download And Install Photomath for PC 

Once you’ve setup the emulator, you can easily download Photomath so let’s keep going.

Step 5: Launch Google Play Store

Open Google Play Store, Click on ACCEPT to agree to Google Play Store terms and conditions.

Accept Terms of Service - Download Photomath for PC

Step 6: Search for Photomath in Google Play Store

Type the word “Photomath” in the search bar then hit the Enter key on your keyboard. Click on Photomath by Photomath, Inc from the list of displayed Apps the hit Install.

Installing Photomath - Download Photomath for PC

How to Use Photomath for PC (on Windows or Mac)

Using Photomath application on your PC is pretty much the same as using it on a mobile phone. 

The only difference is that your android emulator should be running then open the app though the emulator.

Additionally, you’ll need to connect a webcam if you’re using a desktop PC without an inbuilt cam. This is necessary because Photomath will need access to your camera to scan the questions.

If all that is in place, follow the instructions below to start using it.

Step 1: Opening Photomath

Double click on Photomath app on the home screen to launch it.

Photomath app


Step 2: Choosing A Language

Select your preferred language, hit the Let’s go button then click SKIP to proceed.

Choose Language

Step 5: Select Your Occupation

Provide your details as requested by the app (e.g. age, profession – Student, Parent, or Teacher) then hit the Done button. Click the Allow button to grant Photomath the permission to access your camera.

Allow Photomath to Access camera- Download Photomath for PC

Step 7: Scanning The Question

Hold your question (handwritten or printed) in front of the camera and tap the red button to capture the image and let the app work out a solution for you.

Capture the question

Step 8: Viewing Solving Steps

To view the steps, click on the show solving steps button to understand the logic behind each answer.

Solving Steps- Download Photomath for PC


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Use An Android Emulator For Photomath?

Photomath is an apk file which means that it was developed to run on Android and iOS devices.

Therefore, to use on Windows or Mac, you’ll be required to create an Android environment (with the help of an Android emulator) which will allow Photomath to execute.

Are Android Emulators Legal?

Using an android emulator on PCs is legal because its job is to simulate the original device.

However, using them could become illegal if the emulator is violating the copyrights that the original hardware holds.

For example:

If I own a graphing calculator and you use an Android emulator to run the calculator on your PC instead of using the physical device, that’s legal.

Downloading the ROM files of the graphic calculator will be considered copyright infringement unless I (the owner) allows you to do so.

You really need to be careful about which emulator you try to use.

Are Android Emulators Safe For Windows And Mac Computers?

Android emulators are safe, viruses or malware should not worry you if you download the emulator from a safe website (preferably its official website).

Additionally, to ensure safe download, I’d suggest that you download emulators that are trusted by people – stick to popular ones e,g. BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, or MEmu.

Final Thoughts

I hope you were able to download Photomath for PC. If you haven’t then you must have skipped one step. You can start the process afresh as you don’t have to waste more time solving complex calculations.

Why look for a pen and calculator when you can just use Photomath on Windows or Mac?

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