How To Download SmartNews for PC (Windows Or Mac)

Are you trying to download SmartNews for PC but you just can’t get it installed? It is because SmartNews is an official mobile application for Android and iOS. Nevertheless, this article will guide you on how to download SmartNews on both Windows and Mac without any difficulties.

How to Download SmartNews for PC

To download SmartNews for PC, first download and install an Android emulator like BlueStacks, launch it and sign in to your Google account . Open Google Play Store then search for “SmartNews” and install it. Finally, open the SmartNews app using BlueStacks once the installation process is complete.

That said, let’s plunge into the detailed steps for downloading SmartNews for PC.

Step 1: Download BlueStacks Emulator

You’ll need to install an Android emulator so that it can simulate the Android OS on your PC. This way, you’ll be able to run android/iOS apps like SmartNews on your PC.

So, navigate to the official BlueStacks website and click the download button to start downloading the emulator. 

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BlueStacks Official Website -Download SmartNews for PC

You can also download one of these BlueStacks alternatives.

Step 2: Run The BlueStacks Setup

Open the download folder once BlueStacks is downloaded. Right Click on it and select run as administrator.

Run BlueStacks as Admin - Download SmartNews for PC

Step 3: Install BlueStacks

The above steps will open the BlueStacks installation wizard, click on the Install button.

Install BlueStacks

Step 4: Extracting Files

Hold on until BlueStacks finishes extracting files. This process might take up to 5 minutes. Hit the Complete button when it’s done.

BlueStacks File Extraction

Step 5: Launch BlueStacks

Hit the Windows button on your keyboard, search for BlueStacks then right-click on it. From the list of options displayed, select run as administrator.

Open BlueStacks - Download  SmartNews for PC

For Mac users, open the Finder App from the Dock. On the next window, type the name of the installed emulator, right-click on it and select open/run.

Step 6: Open System Settings

Click on the System Apps icon then click settings to jump into the emulator’s system settings.

Open System Settings - Download  SmartNews for PC

Step 7: Add Account

Once the settings screen fires up, scroll down the page and select Accounts then Add Account then choose Google from the next window.

Add Account

Step 8: Sign In to Google Account

Key in your email address and hit the Next button.

Download SmartNews for PC - Email Address

Step 9: Enter Your Password

Provide your Gmail account password and hit Next.

Google Account Password

Step 10: Accept Google Terms

Hit the I agree button to comply with Google terms of service.

Agree the terms and conditions

Step 11: Accept the Terms and Conditions

Click on the Accept button to accept the terms and conditions then wait for a moment as Google authenticates your account.

Confirm Your Agreement - Download SmartNews for PC

Step 12: Launch Google Play Store

Now that you have connected your emulator to your Google ID, we can install the SmartNews app via Google Play Store without any issues.

Find Google Play Store on the home screen within BlueStacks and double click on it in order to open it.

Open Google Play Store

Step 13: Accept Google Terms and Conditions

Before you start using Google Play Store, you’ll need to accept its terms. To do so, click on the Accept button when it opens up.

Download SmartNews for PC - Terms and Conditions

Step 14: Search for SmartNews By SmartNews, Inc

Type “SmartNews” (without the quotes) in Google Play Store search box and hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

Download SmartNews for PC - Search For SmartNews

Step 15: Choose SmartNews By SmartNews, Inc

The above step will make Google Play Store generate a list of apps (some are related to SmartNews). Click on SmartNews app by SmartNews, Inc.

Download SmartNews for PC -Select SmartNews

Step 16: Download SmartNews for PC

If you’re sure that you’ve selected the right app, click on the install button.

Download SmartNews for PC

Step 17: Allow SmartNews To Access Your Location and Wifi

You’ll be prompted to grant SmartNews permission to access your location and internet connection. Simply hit the Accept button then hold on for a moment as Play Store downloads and installs it. The install button will change from install to open. If that happens then SmartNews will have successfully installed on your Windows/Mac PC.

Allow Access to Location and Wifi

How to Use SmartNews on PC

Using or navigating through SmartNews on PC is similar to how you’ve been operating it on your mobile phone. The only difference here is that you’ll be required to open it within an android emulator you installed earlier.

To avoid any doubts, here are the steps for launching SmartNews on your Windows or Mac PC.

Step 1: Launch The Android Emulator

Hit Windows key (for Windows users) or open Finder (for Mac users) then type the name of your emulator in the search box (in my case, BlueStacks). Right Click on it then select Run as an administrator to open the emulator.

Open BlueStacks - Download SmartNews for PC

Step 2: Launch SmartNews

Now that the emulator is running, click on the SmartNews app on the home screen of your emulator to fire it up. If its shortcut was not created on the home screen, find it under My Apps tab.

Launch SmartNews

Step 3: Configure SmartNews for PC

Once you open SmartNews, you’ll be prompted to choose between breaking news and local news. This is to help the app find relevant news for you. Select one then hit the DONE button and click on the Allow on the next popup.

Choose Your Suitable News

Step 4: Browse Through the News Categories

You can browse through various news categories in the App to read the latest updates or search specific news by clicking on the search icon and typing in your headline.

Download SmartNews for PC -News Screen

SmartNews Alternatives and Similar Apps

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Android Emulators Safe?

Android Emulators are safe to be used on PCs. As long as you download them from their official websites, there is no need to worry about viruses or malware. Additionally, these emulators do not collect any personal information.

Are Android Emulators Legal For Use?

Android Emulators are legal to be used on any type of computer as most of them only replicate/simulate the android operating system which itself is legal. Provided that the emulator you’re using is not violating the copyrights i.e. using the ROM files of a physical device, feel free to use them any time.

Can SmartNews Run On Mac/Windows Without An Android Emulator?

Running SmartNews on Mac or Windows without an emulator is impossible because it doesn’t have an official app for PCs. You’ll need to install an Android Emulator (to create an android environment on your computer) before you install it. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve managed to download SmartNews for PC, you’ll seamlessly use it without any issues. However, in case you didn’t get through the challenge, simply revisit the steps and make sure that you did not skip any.

If you have any questions about downloading and using SmartNews on Mac/Windows, feel free to drop them in the comments section below and we’ll respond soonest.

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