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Editorial Guidelines for ForPCHelp.com

  1. Your Article must be PC focused and preferably a how-to guide
  2. Your article should be atleast 600+ words
  3. You should add at least one (1) royalty-free image with a link to the source:
  4. Images should should be 800px in width, and not exceed 100KBs in file size. (TIP: Use free online image editing tools to customize the size and dimensions of the images according to our guidelines.)
  5. Other forms of visual media (i.e. videos, infographics) can be used.
  6. You should focus on making your article reader friendly in a way that even kids can understand you and be structured appropriately. (use short paragraphs 40-60 words, bullet points, steps, screenshots etc)
  7. Your tech guest post should include at least one (1) link to a relevant post of techmused.com
  8. You must include links to high-authority sources that will help readers understand the topic better. Preferably link to high authority blogs not huge magazines (help the blog community 🙂 )
  9. Do not insert commercial links, unless arranged with us earlier.
  10. You must cite sources of data, statistics, and numerical figures that you mention in your article
  11. It is highly recommended to include case studies or personal accounts in the article. These additions increase the likelihood of getting more audience engagement.
  12. The article should be original and not spun from existing content. You should write the article exclusively for ForPCHelp.com, and so it should not have been published online prior to being posted on our blog.
  13. You may republish the content on your own blog but only after 2 weeks of posting on ForPCHelp.com and with a do follow link to the original blog post.

Finally, your guest postshould be something that you will be proud of publishing online. There’s a possibility for it to be syndicated on popular websites and blogs in the future.

Overall, we want this guest posting opportunity to be a win-win situation for you and for us.

How to Submit Your Tech Guest Post

To send the article, you may use this contact us page or drop us a note via email here: editor* ForPCHelp {} com