YYP2P for PC, Windows 10 – Tutorial to Download

YYP2P for PC. In this advance generation, security measurements are getting easier and in reach. CCTV Cameras use is not so much cheaper before. Who thought that we will be able to view our home and office from anywhere in the world. That’s the brilliance of CCTV surveillance tools like YYP2P. Fakeism in the applications is not hidden from anyone. Not all apps in different apps markets are workable. YYP2P Software is clear from all allegations due to its remarkable performance and services.

YYP2P for PC

YYP2P Advanced P2P transmission:

ForPCHelp always tried to suggest workings apps. Those apps which are perfect, effective, usable and authentic. As security cam usage is rapidly increasing, surveillance tools demands are moving parallel with it. Today we are bringing the Android app YYP2P for PC. It lets users view the footages more clearly and prominently. View the live footage without LCD and DVR. Download YYP2P on smartphones, insert server link of IP Cameras. Monitor what is going around your property.

Remote Monitoring:

YYP2P uses the smart home technology. It is the general surveillance app, not affiliated with any specific brand. Still, it is compatible with many popular brands camera. View the live footages coming directly though connected IP Cameras. YYP2P supports all sensors and attachments. If the user has the latest generation of a security camera, this app can be the best companion for them.

Free yourself from boundaries by just using WiFi or Mobile Data. Keep an eye on workers and family members. Voice and video calling through a surveillance app were never been easier. Aware of every movement through YYP2P motion sensor compatibility.

Drawback of YYP2P: The only drawback in YYP2P it doesn’t offer cloud storage. So this app consumes your device internal storage to keep the backup of recordings. If anyone wants surveillance apps with cloud Storage, try SuperLive Pro for PC or MEye for PC.

  • Useful Tips: Try to use YYP2P on WiFi. Due to video coverage, it consumes alot of Mobile data. Using it on Mobile Data is so much costly.
  • Use YYP2P on windows for clear results. Due to a big screen, you can watch videos comfortably. No need to get yyp2p camera setup for pc. Android App YYP2P is enough for work.
YYP2P for PC, Windows 10 – Tutorial to Download
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