WYZE App for PC, Windows 7/8/10

Updated Oct 15, 2021

Looking for the Wyze app for PC? Keep reading you are on the right page!

Wyze is known as one of the best home surveillance solutions. The app is ideal for homes, small shops, and it is even suitable for large organizations.

WYZE is one of the leaders in the smart home technology market with a large global userbase. Among the company’s products are CCTV cameras, accessories and DVRs.

The WYZE app is made for people who use the brand’s cameras. However, it is compatible with most cameras from other manufacturers. The only drawback is the unavailability of Wyze for Windows 10/8/7 and Mac devices.

To overcome this problem, we have written a guide showing you how to install the WYZE app for PC.

How to Download WYZE App for PC:

To download the WYZE App for PC you need to download and install an app player.

Then you must sync your google account to the app player, install the Wyze app from the google play store and finally open Wyze via the app player environment.

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Time needed: 10 minutes.

Follow the instructions below to download WYZE App on PC, Windows 10

Step 1: Download App Player

Get an Android Emulator for Windows from here. We have a large number of good and reliable third-party software’s, however, Bluestacks is recommended for newbies.

Step 2: Install Android Emulator

Locate the .exe file in Windows and .DMG file for mac in the downloads folder. Double click on the file and initiate the setup.

Step 3: Sync Data

Now add your Google account to the Android Emulator for syncing your data. It’s the same process as setting up any new Android device.

Step 4: Install WYZE From Google Play Store on PC

Locate the Google Play Store app and write in search WYZE. The app will appear in the Google Play Store. Hit the enter button to download the app from Play Store to PC.

Step 5: WYZE For PC

WYZE app For PC and Windows ready to use.

Check the top android emulators here: https://www.forpchelp.com/android-emulators-for-windows

“WYZE App Best For Home Security”


For regular home users, the WYZE app is enough. Many people are concerned about home security and using CCTV cameras is a good way to keep your property protected.

We suggest using WYZE cameras at home for maximum security. With a camera you can keep an eye on your pet when you’re out, or check on your baby when you’re in your home.

Monitor the activities of people in your house, such as construction workers doing a job on your property. Maybe your home bell is ringing! see who is outside without opening the door.

Night mode vision will show you what’s happening outside in detail.

“WYZE App Best For Office Security”

Are you handling a small scale or medium scale business? Wyze cameras and the accompanying ensure your workplace remains secure.

Fix a suitable number of cameras in an office, shop, or warehouse and monitor everything via the Wyze app. It offers 2-way communication so you can make announcements through the Wyze app to people in your business remotely.

Zoom-in to make thing clearly visible. This excellent app is a direct competitor with Hik Connect for PC and IP Pro 3 for PC. Remember, CCTV surveillance app features are dependent on camera compatibility.

You can use all Wyze features if the connected camera supports it.

Free Cloud Storage:

This is a main reason why we suggest the WYZE app for PC. Unlike LiveYes for PC, the Wyze app provides free cloud storage to Wyze cam pan users. Here you can keep a record of 14 days of videos for free.

To extend this limit you will have to pay, but the free allowance is ideal. Another option is, download Wyze on PC because computer devices have enough memory to store videos from the whole month.

HD Video:

Watch crystal clear CCTV footage. Wyze allows streaming of videos in 1080p Full HD quality. Evenat night, the app shows everything clearly because of the brilliant night vision technology.

Video speed is adjustable, allowing you to make it slow or fast without pixels spoiling. Video results can be even better if you use WYZE on Laptop screens like Alfred for PC.


Is there a WYZE app for PC?

There is no official Wyze app for PC.

However, as we show you in this post you can use an emulator like bluestacks and use it on your PC in the same way you would use it on your smartphone

Is Wyze Free to Use?

Wyze is free to use to watch live feed videos. However, a subscription is required to save videos for later playback.

What is the Wyze App?

The Wyze app is a hub that acts as a link for your Wyze cameras.

Is Bluestacks safe for your computer?

Yes, Bluestacks is safe to use in order to download the Wyze app for PC

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