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Whatscan for PC. Want to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple Android devices at a time? If so, you should try Whatscan. Whatscan is very similar to the WhatsApp web version. However, while WhatsApp Web is for PC and Laptop devices, Whatscan remains on Android. It lets users operate the same WhatsApp account on other Android devices too. Without Whatscan if you try to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices, a pop-up appears saying “This Account is already registered on another device”. So, for using same WhatsApp account, no other app can help you better than Whatscan. Whatscan for PC enables users to use the same account of WhatsApp on PC.

Whatsan for PC

General Info Whatscan:

Whatscan is free to download and use but recently it was removed from the Play Store due to unexplained reasons. Now, we have to rely on Whatscan Apk to enjoy the app. Whatscan Apk for Android is the easiest way to get Whatscan on Android. It doesn’t require any root, mod and it is legal and safe to use. Importantly, the app doesn’t record any of your personal information, shared media and chat history. All data remains between users and the smartphone. Before proceeding to the guide showing how to Download Whatscan for PC, we will discuss some key properties of WhatsApp.

Whatscan Features:

As mentioned, Whatscan lets users use the same WhatsApp account on a different Android device. That’s the key feature and main purpose of Whatscan. It also allows you to send the media files to any added contact.

People who have more than one smartphone will see the value of an app like Whatscan. It is obvious that data is different on both Android devices so using Whatscan makes possible to send data from different Android devices using same WhatsApp account. Just upload a file from one device and download from others. You don’t need to make separate WhatsApp accounts, Whatscan is enough for the task. Moreover, Whatscan supports all features that are available for WhatsApp on Android.

  • By using Whatscan for PC, Users can share files from Windows PC to Windows PC through WhatsApp.
  • Get Whatscan on Mac to send files from Mac to Mac through WhatsApp.
  • Share photos from Android to Windows and vice versa just by WhatsApp.
  • Video share from Android to PC or Mac.
  • Whatscan for Windows enables users to share files from laptop to Android.

Whatscan (Best alternative to WhatsApp Web):

WhatsApp web comes with limited features compared to the mobile app. On the other hand, Whatscan can play the role of Xender for PC and Shareit for PC. The aforementioned apps let Android users transfer data from an old smartphone to a new smartphone. Although there is a file size limitation, data transfer speed is incredible. Wondering how to transfer data from Android to Android using Whatscan? It is simple to download Whatscan on both devices. Pair both Android devices using Whatscan. Scan the QR code to get a replica of WhatsApp on other devices. Now you can transfer photos and videos through Whatscan.


Whatscan Apk:

As noted, Google Play has removed Whatscan without giving an explanation. People still want to use Whatscan for PC and Android devices. Don’t get disappointed, we can still get the Whatscan Apk latest version. Get the Whatscan for PC through the Whatscan Apk button below.

Install the Whatscan Apk on Android and use the same Whatscan account on as many devices as you want. Download Whatscan Apk on Windows or Mac PC. Share data from laptop to Macbook using Whatscan Apk. In the below table, viewers can see details of the Whatscan Apk latest version.

Name:Whatscan Apk
Function:Duplicate WhatsApp
Latest Version:3.9.2
Old version:3.9.1
Required OS4.4 or above
Google Play:Not available

Installing Whatscan for PC:

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Use the method below to download Whatscan on PC. Remember that there is no available version for Windows. Instead, you must make us of third-party software.

Step 1: Download Bluestacks Android Emulator

Firstly, you need to get an Android emulator for Windows. We suggest using BlueStacks. You can download Bluestacks from here. When downloading is complete, open the .exe file and run set up.

Step 2: Configured Bluestacks

Now its time to set BlueStacks to be able to install apps on Windows. Login Bluestacks with Google account credentials. Also, agree with terms and conditions to proceed.

Step 3: Install Whatscan On PC Through Bluestacks

Now open BlueStaks, write in the search bar “Whatscan” and select the link from results. BlueStacks diverts to the Google Play Store, Install the app.

Step 4: Locate Whatscan On PC After Installation

When the Whatscan installation process complete in Windows, go back to the main menu in BlueStacks and locate your app. Furthermore, an icon will be created on the system desktop but it will open through BlueStacks.


Q: What is Whatscan?

A: Whatscan is an app that allows users to connect multiple Whatsapp accounts or use the same Whatsapp account on multiple devices.

Q: Is Whatscan still on Android?

A: While Whatscan is no longer available through the Google Play Store, you can still download the latest version through its APK file.

Q: How do I download Whatscan for PC?

A: Whatscan is not directly available for PC as an official Windows or Mac app. However, you can download and use the app by following our guide and using an Android emulator like BlueStacks.


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