What Is CTF Loader & Common Issues

Many users may be familiar with CTF Loader, but probably don’t know what it is or whether it’s safe. It is a Windows process that is completely legitimate but can still cause problems. Users typically get scared when they notice CTF Loader is causing performance issues on their PC.

Because they have never seen the process before, they believe it is a virus. Users completely miss that the process has been running on Windows since they’ve had the PC. So, in this guide, we will walk you through what CTF Loader is, what it does, and how you can solve any issues it may cause.

What Is the CTF Loader?

CTF Loader (32 bit) (ctfmon.exe) is a Windows process that starts automatically during system startup. Once open, the process runs in the background and can only be noticed if you head to the Task Manager. You can also find the process within your system files.

CTF Loader
CTF Loader in the Task Manager

If you want to find CTF Loader, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the Windows Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Delete).

Step 2. Scroll to the “Process” section.

Step 3. Processes are listed here, scroll down to find CTF.

Note: From the Task Manager you can right-click the CTF process and select file location to see it in the systems folder. In situations where the ctfmon.exe is not located in the system folder, you should run a scan with your antivirus as the process could be corrupted.

What Does the CTF Loader Do?

Specifically, CTF (Collaborative Translation Framework) activates text input for the handwriting and speech recognition, foreign languages and other alternative user input options in Office. It is deemed an important Windows process. It handles language input on Office and is the process that manages touch keyboard inputs by the user.

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Because of its role, CTF is a fundamental part of Windows. If Text Services and Speech features are enabled on your machine, the CFTMON.exe (CTF on the Monitor) process will keep appearing.

How Do I Disable CTF Loader In Windows 10?

Unfortunately, CTF Loader can sometimes keep sending out an error message pop up that becomes frustrating. This is certainly frustrating, so many Windows users look for ways to permanently remove the process from the platform. However, you should avoid removing the process because this is a housekeeping tool that is important to the functionality of Office.

But, if you do want to delete the executable for the loader, head with C:\Windows\System 32. When you find the ctfmon.exe file, right-click it and select delete.

Common CTF Loader Issues

Probably the most common CTF Loader problem is when the process misbehaves following a Windows update. One frustrating problem with CTF is when Microsoft Office has been improperly installed. When this happens, the process will consistently send out an error message pop up.

Other errors are related to the language and input services that the ctfmon.exe oversees. For example, switching languages can lead to error messages.

CTF can also be affected by a full hard drive that causes poor performance on a PC.

Of course, we cannot ignore the possibility of a virus or malware attack that has either targeted the process or affected it through a wider attack.

Below is a list of fixes for the most common ctfmon.exe problems. Remember, you will need to have Administrator access on the PC you are trying to fix to use most of these fixes.

How To Fix CTF Loader Not In System Folder?

As mentioned, if CTF Loader is misbehaving or not located in the system folder, you may have a virus. Whenever ctfmon.exe throws up an error message, you should immediately run a system scan with your antivirus software. If the problem continues after a scan, it’s likely the issue is caused by something other than a virus attack.

While most of the leading free antivirus solutions are excellent for maintaining the security of your PC day-to-day, they may not be enough for this task. If you suspect your machine has been compromised by malware, we suggest using a paid antivirus service to run a full scan.

How to Fix CTF Sending An Error Messages?

When CTF Loader keeps sending out an error popup during PC use, you can solve it by placing the process in the exclusion list on Windows. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open Start and select the Control Panel.

Step 2. Navigate to Performance and Maintenance.

Step 3. When System Properties opens, go do the Advanced tab and select Settings located in Performance.

Step 4. Under Options, choose Data Execution Prevention.

Step 5. Select Turn on DEP for all programs and services except for those I select.

Step 6. Click Add to apply the change.

Step 7. Locate ctfmon.exe in the system file and click OK.

How to Fix CTF Loader Issues Caused By Writing Input?

Sometimes, the problem with the CTF process lies beyond the loader itself. Instead, sometimes there are problems in handwriting and language input, which is what CTF manages in Windows and Office. Because this is a Windows process, you will need to disable the software which it underpins, which in this case is language input. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1. Open Start.

Step 2. In the search base type “services.MSC” in the Run dialog box.

Step 3. Search for “Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service”.

Step 4. Right-click and navigate to Properties. Choose Disabled and apply the changes.

Note: This is a fantastic option because it will stop any problems being caused by the process.

How to Fix ctfmon.exe If Nothing Else Works?

On some rare occasions, no fix for ctfmon.exe works. If this is because of a virus you may have a series problem and need to see a cybersecurity professional. However, if the error message keeps popping up and you can’t stop it, you can try restoring your PC.

Either you can roll back your Windows to backed up time before CTF was misbehaving, or you can do a complete factory reset. Please, before moving ahead with the following steps, make sure you back up your files and data.

Step 1. Open the Start menu and go to the Control Panel.

Step 2. Choose “Open System Restore”.

Step 3. Click Next on the dialog box and choose a restore point.

Step 4. Select “Scan for affected programs”.

Step 5. Click Close and Next, and then Finish when the restore is complete.

Causes of CTF Loader Errors

CTF Loader errors are usually caused by the following problems:

  • Microsoft Office has been improperly installed.
  • A Windows Update is not compatible with ctfmon.exe.
  • CTF Loader has been compromised by malware.
  • There are problems in input or language packs on Windows.


What is CTF Loader?

CTF manages text input for the handwriting and speech recognition, foreign languages and other alternative user input options in Office.

Is CTF Loader a virus?

CTF Loader is a legitimate Windows process.

Can I remove CTF Loader from my PC?

Sure, the ctfmon.exe file can be deleted from Windows. However, it is a vital process and should be kept.

What causes CTF Loader errors?

Errors in CTF Loader can be caused by problems with Microsoft Office, an incompatible Windows update, an issue with input services, or a virus.

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