Stunning PC Games in 2020 to Look Forward To!

2020 is all set to become an impressive and stunning year for gaming. All of the PC Games 2020 has to offer will make for an exciting experience! So let’s look at some of the most promising confirmed (and unconfirmed) releases we can’t wait to get our hands on this year.

PC Games 2020: Curse of the Dead Gods

Curse of the Dead Gods PC Games 2020

Scheduled for early release this March, roguelike dungeon crawler Curse of the Dead Gods brings interesting dynamics to the action-RPG genre. This is on top of its Darkest Dungeon-like visual aesthetic, as well as being one of the first PC games 2020 will provide!

All in all, it has a cartoonish, macabre, and stunning visual style. Not to mention it completely complements the hero’s struggle to strike the balance between annexing divine powers and accruing infernal curses. You’ll want a great WiFi extender so you can play in every room of the house!

Will it Come Out?

An old god taunts you as you claw at its immortality. Additionally, you are exploring randomly generated, monster-filled dungeons. Curse of the Dead Gods is a love letter to the archetypal power-hungry mage! If you’re one for classic RPG’s with fascinating graphics, then your PC gaming in 2020 won’t be complete without Curse of the Dead Gods.

Release date of March 2020. With early access March 3rd!

Assassin’s Creed 2020

It all began with that brilliant Easter egg teaser in The Division 2. Just an in-game poster depicting a Norse warrior holding the iconic Apple of Eden from the Assassin’s Creed series. Additionally, above there was written in bold letters is the word “Valhalla.

Assassins creed valhalla

The speculation snowballed from there. All in all, rumors were fed by both credible and dubious sources saying that the game will be about Vikings. Not to mention rumors that it will be released as a PC game in 2020. As well as for several consoles.

Will it Come Out with PC Games in 2020?

At the start of the year, more so-called “evidence” of the release surfaced. This included an Amazon listing for “Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok – Valhalla Edition.” Altogether, the unconfirmed rumors should be taken with a grain of salt. However, we can’t help but look forward to what’s likely to be an epic adventure that’s even more stunning than its predecessor, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Supposed release in September of 2020!


Coming to Xbox and PC this spring, Grounded puts you in the shoes of a clever teen that’s been shrunken down to the size of an ant. Furthermore, in order to survive in your now gigantic and dangerous backyard, you’ll need to play by the rules of the shrunken world.

If you’re thirsty, look up to shake off a dew globule from a towering tree-like blade of grass. Instead of wood, grass planks will suffice as walls for keeping hostile insects at bay. All in all, it is an exciting game version of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!

Grounded PC Games 2020

All things considered, the game features an ant colony that communicates through pheromones, and a beautiful background of a living ecosystem. Come night time, you’ll need to watch out for giant spiders as well as fireflies. You may want to find a sound amplifier for your PC to match these stunning graphics!

Will it Come Out?

Although it’s being marketed as a visually fresh new take on the survival sandbox, Den of Geek reveals that Grounded will also come with pre-determined narrative adventures. Overall, it will go over well with its multiplayer cooperative gameplay. Expected release is Spring 2020!

Cuphead DLC

The beloved indie game Cuphead is a surreal sprint down memory lane. HP describes its animation style as a recreation of early hand-drawn cartoons by Disney and Fleischer Studios.

PC Games 2020

All in all, it is strange, nostalgic, and pleasant all at the same time! However, before you let its cutesy art style fool you, Cuphead is actually one of the hardest side-scrolling adventure games ever created. Not only that, but it is an understatement if you’ve ever battled its 1930s-era cartoon bosses!

Rumor has it that this game is about to get even harder. Not to mention weirder! This year a downloadable expansion may be available! However, there’s been no official word on when exactly this will happen.

Will it Come Out?

Cleverly subverting the acronym for downloadable content (DLC), the expansion is called “The Delicious Last Course”.  All in all, it will add a new playable character called Ms. Chalice. As well as a new island for players to explore, and even more surreal baddies.

The initial DLC was meant to launch in 2019. However, the supposed release date is pushes to some time in 2020!

The Newest PC Games 2020 Has for YOU!

All in all, the upcoming PC Games 2020 has in store are exciting to say the least! Not only can you be a raging mage in an RPG-style game, but you can also shrink to the size of an ant. Time to get excited about the 2020 release dates coming your way!

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