ForPCHelp Scholarship Program 2019

On ForPChelp, we have a program to new students who need some efforts to get advanced technical knowledge. We completely understand that there is nothing like inexpensive college nowadays. We can realize who suffer student and parents in search of getting a good education for a further great and progressive future. The cost of housing, Books other expenses can be $1500 or more easily. We are gonna make some happen thing to more easier. As we are offering 3 person Scholarship in twice a year for intelligent and well-deserved students.

How To Apply For Scholarship?

To get be eligible for a scholarship, the student needs to submit a 300-500 word essay explaining why you should be a good candidate for our scholarship. You need to have deep knowledge of  Android Studio, Android  Repository system, and emulators.
Make sure to read and follow the instructions below:

  1. Kindly Submit Application to [email protected], before the first Monday of July for the Fall Scholarship and before the Last Monday of November for the Spring Scholarship.
  2. Winner Announcement Date: Last Monday of September 2019 for Fall and 3rd Monday of December for Spring.
  3. Be concise but do highlight your recent personal achievements in the essay.
  4. You need to send us a short video about your project.
  5. You need to ensure that all the documents are attested and accurate.

Eligibility Requirements?

  1.  You have minimum GPA of 3.0 enrolled or have planning to enroll in an accredited college or university in Fall (of the current year) or Spring (of the following year).
  2. You can apply if you are learning from a recognized institute.
  3. Minimum Age: 18 years.
  4. Must be a registered citizen of any Country (ID to be submitted along with the e-mail)

How do Judge essays?

All the essays you sent us will be first checked with plagiarism tool. Then read by the editor in chief and decisions are based on many metrics like attitude, enthusiasm, drive, creative writing, aptitude, and personal goals.

Reward Prize for Scholarship!

The winner on this scholarship will get a reward prize of $1500 towards the cost of the education. The student will get an elaborate spread on our website as well.


Well, privacy matters to us and we will take the privacy of all our applicants. All updates you submitted will be used for the matter of deciding.

Apply Now:

If you think that you are the right candidate to get this scholarship to feel free to contact us on [email protected]