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Podcast Addict for PC. Before we go deep into the explanation of the Podcast Addict app, let us explain what is a podcast? Some users may not know what a podcast is, and many others may confuse it for old-fashioned radio. The word podcast came into to existence in 2004 and was pushed by Ben Hammersley. The word podcast is driven from two words Pod from iPod and Cast from Radio Broadcast.  So, by combining the two word podcast was made. It doesn’t mean that users have to own an iPod to listen to a podcast. Its just named that way because the podcast first experiment was done on an iPod.

Podcast Addict for PC

What Is Podcast Addict?

So, podcasts are best described as an advanced version of radio. Podcast streams the digital audio files owned by different channels. Many apps and websites stream podcasts but Podcast Addict is the most prominent source of listening to highly reputed personalities and celebrities. Currently, Podcast Addict is the best podcast app for Android. It allows you to search for podcasts and connect with popular celebrities and motivational speakers.

Recently I heard the business motivational speaker Ed Mylett on Podcast Addict. He operates his own podcast and I can listen to his lectures on Podcast Addict. While the app is only available on mobile, there’s no reason why PC should miss out. So, ForPCHelp is guiding you through how to download Podcast Addict for PC. Check the Podcast Addict details and features below.

Podcast Addict manages and arranges podcast in easy to follow categories and lists. Audio files are arranged in a proper systematic manner. Every Podcast latest episode is directly broadcasted on the exact time. No initial charges are required and no further payments are needed. Podcast Addict is free of cost. PC and Mac users can also listen to Podcast free, by downloading Podcast Addict on Windows and Mac.

Podcast Addict Offered Content:

Users can create their own podcast channels on Podcast Addict. All types of podcast genres are available. For example, you can listen to hundreds of religious channels. Every morning users can listen to the verses of God Writings. Religious experts will share their and religion opinions on Podcast Addict channels.

A lot of people from the entertainment industries are already using this app. Listen to a podcast made by different comedians. Enjoy hours of laughter with your friends and family. Listen to celebrities interviews conducted by famous TV hosts and channels.

Best Part:

The best part of Podcast Addict is arguably motivational speakers podcasts. Users can listen to lectures by famous and emerging motivational speakers related to different departments of life. A lot of business motivational speakers giving interviews are already broadcast on Podcast Addict.

Other than the celebrities, rare audiobooks and ordinary people are available on Podcast Addict. Do you love to sing? Shows your talent on your Podcast addict channel as it is one of the best ways to promote your talent. The homepage menu shows users popular podcasts trending on that day. Users can also search their favorite podcasts on Podcast Addict by searching a keyword related to a genre.

Most Prominent Features of Podcast Addict:

Get addicted to podcasts through Podcast Addict.

  • Operates on both WiFi and Mobile data (4G, 4G LTE, 3G).
  • For saving mobile data users can set podcasts to only download on WiFi.
  • Brilliant audio player let movie forward, backward and pause the podcast. You can even pick up where you left off.
  • Directly save podcasts offline on smartphone internal storage and remove the need for an internet connection.
  • Audio volume is adjustable directly from the screen.
  • Users who want to promote their talent can make their own channels for free.
  • Create your own custom playlist. Podcast Addict will show playlists at the top based on popularity.
  • Built-in podcast search engine lets users search the desired podcast according to the genre.
  • Automatically download new podcast arrivals on WiFi.
  • Add favorite podcast to the favorites category. Users don’t need to search for the podcast again and again.

Podcast Addict General Facts and Figures:

There are approximately 600k podcasts available on Podcast Addict for Windows 10. That’s around 10 million episodes or popular shows that are jointly available for free. People downloaded over 5 million podcasts just on Podcast Addict for Android. Yes! not including Podcast Addict for PC Downloads or even not including Podcast Addicts on Windows users.

Popular Networks on Podcast Addict:

Al JazeeraWall Street Journal
BBCThe New Yorker
CNETThe Incomparable
BloombergThe Naked Scientists
CNNThis American Life (TAL)
ESPNTed Talks, The Blaze, The Heard,
Fox NEWSThe Blaze
The GuardianThe Heard
Voice of America The Nickelodeon

Download Podcast Addict for PC, Windows:

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Sure, the Podcast Addict app is available for Android users on Play Store. Unfortunately, If you want to use this app on the Windows operating system, there is not any official version. Also, Microsoft Windows doesn’t support Android apps. However, we have some other methods to enable Google Play Store apps on PC. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download Android Emulator

Android emulators for Windows are third party tools that help users install apps on PC. You can download Bluestacks emulator from here. Open the file and start extracting package onto the system.

Step 2: Configured Android Emulator With System

Now you need to setup up the app player on Windows. First, go to Bluestacks and log in with a Google account. Also, agree with terms and conditions.

Step 3: Install Podcast Addict On Windows 10

Open the now installed emulator and search “Podcast Addict”, it will open in Google Play Store. Install the app.

Step 4: Podcast Addict is ready to use on PC

Now the app is installed, go back to your system desktop and there is your app. Although every time you need an Android emulator to use apps on windows.


Q: What is Podcast Addict?

A: Podcast Addict is an aggregator of podcasts with millions of podcasts available.

Q: Is Podcast Addict available for PC?

A: Podcast Addict is only officially available on mobile devices but you can download it on PC through an Android emulator.

Q: Is Podcast Addict free?

A: All podcasts on the app are free to access and there are no in-app purchases.

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