How To Download and Use Paytm for PC (Windows & Mac)

Do you want to have PAYTM for PC? Unfortunately, the PAYTM app is not officially available on PC. Nevertheless, there is a way to download and use this helpful money app on your computer now!

How to Download Paytm for PC

To download Paytm for PC first, you will need to have access to an Android Emulator that allows you to replicate the Android operating system on your computer. We will use Bluestacks for this tutorial. Second, you will need to log into your Google Play Store in the emulator. Then download the Paytm onto the emulator and start using it on your PC.

Here are detailed steps for you to follow to download the app!

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Step 1: Getting an Emulator

There are a lot of Android Emulators on the market right now. However, for this tutorial, we will be using Bluestacks as the emulator of choice. Go to the official Bluestacks website and find the “Download” button. Next, follow the download instructions, as well as the installation prompts in order to get the emulator working on your computer.

Step 2: Finding Google Play Store

Once you have the emulator working on your PC, open the emulator and have it running. Then find the Google Play Store in the emulator. This can be found on the “Home Screen” of your Android Emulator. Double click on the Play Store icon, then sign in to your Google ID.

Step 3: Searching and Downloading

After you enter your normal Google ID, as well as your password, you will have access to the entire selection of applications on the Google Play Store through your emulator. Go to the search bar and type “Paytm” and hit enter. You can then click the “Download” button, or the “Get” button depending upon the version of Bluestacks you Download. When the download is complete, click the “Install” option, as well as follow the prompts to install the Paytm app to your emulator.

Step 4: Opening and Running

Once the installation is complete, you can now access your Paytm for PC through your Android Emulator. Simply put the app on your emulator “Home Screen”, as well as access it through your “My Apps” tab on Bluestacks.

Downloading The PAYTM App Via The Windows Store

Step 1: For Windows 10 Users

If you have Windows 10 and up on your computer, then you can download the Paytm for PC app through the Microsoft Store. Simply open your Microsoft Store Icon and log into your account.

Step 2: Download

Search in the Microsoft Store for Paytm, then click the “Get” button within the Microsoft Store in the top right corner.

Step 3: Installation

When the download is finished, you will need to click “Install”, as well as follow the prompts for installation.

Step 4: Opening the Program

Because you have Windows 10, the Paytm application will save directly to your computer and not through an emulator. You can then access the app through your start menu, or your app blocks!

There you have it! Just a few easy steps and you can get this easy to use financial application onto your PC!

How to Use Paytm On PC

All in all, Paytm isn’t difficult to manage on your computer. Here are the steps to help you navigate the differences between using the app on your PC from on your phone.

Step 1: Using the Emulator

In order to get the app up and running on your computer, you will need to open the Android Emulator first. Click on Bluestacks on your computer, open the emulator, then go to the “My Apps” tab. You can then access the Paytm for PC application through the emulator there.

Step 2: Running the Program

Open the Paytm app by clicking on it. You can then use the application to transfer funds, pay bills, as well as a wide variety of options just as you would on your Android phone. The only difference is that you have to use the app on your emulator!

Step 3: Windows 10

If you are running Windows 10, then you can open and access the Paytm for PC app just as you would any other application on your computer. Simply click and start it up!

Getting Your Finances in Order with Paytm for PC!

As one of the most popular financial apps in India, Paytm for PC will offer you a huge range of options for bill pay, as well as transferring money and paying online! By using an Android Emulator, or updating to Windows 10, you can easily access this app on your computer by using this helpful guide.

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