Download Miracast for PC Windows 10

Miracast for PCMiracast for PC is a file sharing app introduced to work with smartphones. Users are allowed to acquire the services of such an app to share files to another device without much hassle. Sadly, such an amazing app is made to work only with Android devices but not with Windows PC or Laptop. Not to worry, because we have come up with a tip/trick to help our viewers download & install Miracast for PC Windows 10 & Mac OS. But before we proceed to our guide to install Miracast on PC, let us provide with a glimpse of Miracast app.

Miracast for PC Description

Many of the Android and PC users used to connect their devices with another via USB cable, card readers etc. As such a solution was known to be famous for file transfer. To perform it, a user has to gather other stuff rather than his own device. Like data cable, connectors etc to perform a single task of file sharing. With Miracast for PC, users can connect two different devices wirelessly. Now, there is no need to step into lengthy steps of USB debugging. Because now you can share your important files through screen mirroring. However, it also works in a healthy manner because no malware gets transferred from one device to another.

Miracast As a Universal File Sharing

There is no need for a user to worry about the specs of his device. Miracast works fine with every sort of slower and faster device. But if you are going install Miracast for PC, then you can access its services for PC & Laptop. Devices on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 operating systems. Likely, the same version of Miracast for every Windows operating system. But to claim such a reward, you must follow our guide to download & install Miracast for PC & Laptop.

Why Use Miracast for Windows?

In the current era of technology, users accessibility is not limited to one device. Many among us have both PC and smartphone of their own. So users wish to watch their desirable stuff on a big screen but not on a smaller one. To fulfill the demands of such users to enjoy their favorite stuff on a smart TV or PC, Miracast for Windows is introduced in the market. Fortunately, this app works well with every sort of Android & Windows device. Further, Users can even connect Miracast with big projectors.

How To Download Miracast for Laptop?

Most of the Windows PC & Laptop devices support Miracast and it is installed on their devices. However, if you wish to lessen your work, I would personally suggest you download Miracast for Laptop by following our guide. It’s helpful and also you only need to install an Android emulator and use Miracast just like you do on your smartphone. If you want more accessibility, you can also then connect Miracast for Windows with your smart TV and projectors as well.

Miracast vs Shareit app

Don’t confuse yourself, because Miracast and Shareit are two different apps. They may look similar to you because of their file sharing similarity functions. But let me tell you that Miracast for PC is an app to deliver screen mirroring facility. As Shareit for PC will only help you to transfer a file to another device. Fortunately, screen mirroring and file transfer are two different things. Screen sharing allows you to have the same things on the screen of another device. As for the file transfer, a user will have to transfer a file to another device and then access it when the file transfer is done successfully. So in my opinion, Miracast for PC works well if you are looking to find a way to access your beloved files on another device.

How To Install Miracast On PC Windows 10:

Well, there is no version to download and install Miracast on PC, Windows 10 and Mac. App has been published on Play Store, but they don’t push version for the Windows operating system and also for Mac. In that case, we need to use third-party software like android emulators for windows. These app players help to install Android apps on Windows and Mac as well. Follow the steps below to get download Miracast on PC:

Install Miracast on PC Through Bluestacks:

  • First of all download Bluestacks App player on PC.
  • Install the package and extract all files into your Windows operating system.
  • When all the installation process complete, log in with your Google Account to sync data with system.
  • It will enable you existing apps and data to be able to use in this android Emulator.
  • Now click on the search bar and write “Miracast” and then hit enter button.
  • Miracast app will open in Google Play Store, click on install app.
  • Miracast for PC is ready to use on Windows, go back and open the app from the main menu or your system desktop.

Install Miracast on MAC Through Nox Emulator:

  1. For Mac users, Nox App player working perfectly to use Android app on iOS operating system. Follow the method below to install Nox Android Emulator on Mac:
  2. Go to and download a new version of Nox app player.
  3. It will take some time to download file into your Mac system.
  4. When downloading complete find .dmg file where you save in you Mac system.
  5. Click on Package and run setup.
  6. Now login with Google ID details.
  7. After that search “Miracast” in Nox search bar and hit enter button.
  8. Miracast app will open in Google Play Store app, you need do install it directly from there.
  9. Now go back to Mac desktop screen, an icon will be created, click on it.
  10. Enjoy Miracast app features on MAc.

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