LiveYes for PC, Windows 7/810 – Mac

LiveYes is a general surveillance app for Android. This app is not made for any specific camera brand. It is compatible with most of the brand’s Cameras. Whats LiveYes offers to users? It’s simple, monitor the live footages coverage coming from the connected IP cameras. LiveYes is not comparable with top-notch apps like Hik Connect, IP Webcam or V380. It is developed for home usage and small stores with a limited number of cameras. Windows users are deprived of this app, so to finish this debarment we are demonstrating a guide to download LiveYes for PC.

As we have already said that it is compatible with most of the intelligent hardware products such as HD IP cameras. Small retailers are regular home users can try this app. Users can’t carry the LEDs and DVRs always with them. This app will be useful when users are away from home or office. This app will let you monitor home servants and office staff. Other than that, users can also view where is the pet. Take care of your baby, is he/she going towards electric appliances. Windows users will have an edge on the big screen. Download LiveYes for Windows 10 Laptop for clear monitoring.

How to Install LiveYes for PC:

To download LiveYes for PC you need to download and install an android emulator like Bluestacks. Then you must open Bluestacks and search for the LiveYes app, download and install LiveYes from the google play store or get the APK and finally open LiveYes via the Bluestacks environment.

Check the steps in detail:

  • Step 1: First, you need to download the LiveYes APK on your Windows PC or Mac. Place the LiveYes APKĀ  on your desktop.
  • Step 2: Download and Install BlueStacks on your Windows 10 or Mac.
  • Step 3: Now that you have both an Android Emulator and LiveYes APK. It’s time to install LiveYes on PC.
  • Step 4: Launch BlueStacks and Click on the Install APK icon, located at the bottom right side of the screen.
  • Step 5: Locate the APK that you have downloaded in the first step and select it. Now Click on Open to proceed with the installation.
  • Step 6: Wait for the installation process to get completed. Once it does, head over to the My Apps tab and click on the LiveYes icon to start using it on the PC.

LiveYes App Alternatives

LiveYes for PC

Two-Way Communication:

This feature is not so common only a few best surveillance apps offer it. That’s why we call LiveYes an underrated tool. LiveYes ensures high-quality audio conversations. For this feature, it is necessary that Cameras must have sound attachments. The viewer and receiver both can communicate with each other. As per the app official’s statement. Laptop users can avail of this facility by downloading LiveYes for Laptop.

So as to realize remote video live, clear voice intercom and remote operation control simply, conveniently.

Link: Google Play

LiveYes Drawback:

Most of the surveillance apps have a common drawback and that is the unavailability of cloud storage. Cloud storage is an essential component of CCTV camera services. People demand it even they are willing to pay for it. In the absence of cloud storage, the whole burden goes on the internal storage of a smartphone. If anyone doesn’t want to use LiveYes than the best alternative to this product is Alfred for PC, Foscam for PC, IP Pro 3 for PC. The last drawback is LiveYes for PC is not available but this drawback can be removed by following the below guide.


Here are detailed answers to the frequently asked questions about the LiveYes security system. The range of topics include safety, number of connected cameras, as well as indoor and outdoor use and the variety of uses for this app.

Is LiveYes Safe to Use?

Images, recordings, as well as videos and snapshots are all saved directly to your SD card. There is no access to any of your videos forms technicians of the LiveYes security application. Simply put, it keeps your information private. No information is ever shared or sold to a third party.

Can I use this system indoors and outdoors?

The cameras that you will purchase to use this application can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, you should avoid placing the cameras where they can get wet or is very humid. As it is not watertight. The app will work as long as you have a working WiFi connection and can sign in to access your information or cameras.

How many cameras can I use with this app?

According to the website, this application can theoretically be connected to 600 cameras. All at the same time! The cameras can be viewed via the app. However, they need to be viewed individually. All in all, you will need a reliable and faster internet connection to keep all of your cameras successfully connected.

How can I use LiveYes?

You can use LiveYes for both personal, as well as professional needs. Whether you’d like to monitor your home through IP cameras, or use it to help protect your business, it is up to you as a consumer. From baby monitors, to business security, there are a lot of options.

Can you connect the cameras and apps to an open internet connection?

No. The cameras require for there to be a password on your internet. This is primarily for security reasons, but it is smart that the program requires your router to have a password. Therefore, hackers can’t easily access your camera feed!

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