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Kik for PC is included in the list of top 10 messenger apps for Android and iOS supported devices. After Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, no other app comes near to the level of Kik. This platform the choice of a massive number of teenagers. Approximately 40% of young Americans prefer to use Kik for a conversation with friends and family.

Kik for Android is already very popular. However, we can’t deny the fact bigger screens often allow for a better experience. So, we recommend downloading Kik for PC. Windows users will surely love to use Kik on Windows. My colleague has just downloaded Kik on Mac, it works smooth and fast like Kik on Android.

Is it possible to use Kik on Computer?

Kik for PC

It will be an injustice if we don’t mention the prominent features of Kik. So instead of directly coming to the topic of downloading Kik for PC, let us explain why Kik is sopopular. Messengers apps are designed to replace the Android stock Messaging app. . To use the Android Stock Messages app you need to use cellular date, which costs money. On the other hand, apps like Kik on iOS or Android let you save your texting expense. Kik consumers very little mobile data MBs for texting and also works on WiFi. Kik on WiFi is near to free, no expenses, no cost. The app itsself is also free to download and use. So now finish the all barriers to communication by downloading Kik on PC.

Kik History:

Kik was launched 8 years back in 2010. Some students of the Canadian University Waterloo invented the Kik app. Their wish to develop something innovative in technology resulted in the creation of Kik. After it’s release, Kik grabbed attention of 1 million users in just one week. While it was originally available on Windows, by 2017 the Kik app was no longer available on the Windows Store. No statement regarding the removal of Kik on Windows was provided Kik or Microsoft. This is the main reason why we are recommending Kik for PC. Because users can still use Kik on Windows 10 and previous versions through this tutorial.

Download kik for PC

Amazing Fact about Kik: The Chinese giant technology conglomerate Tencent has invested 50 Million dollars in Kik.

Kik – Making Communication Easier:

Kik was initially released as a better version of AOL Instant Messenger. Now the present Kik is on a totally different level. Now Kik is more advanced with new enhancements and features. Kik on Windows was doing the same job before it’s removal.

  • Kiks new interface enhancements are better and attractive.
  • Simple to use, extremely user-friendly.
  • Faster to use and communicate.
  • Strong and uninterruptable privacy.
  • Share user name instead of cellphone number.

Kik Key Properties:

Speed of improvements of the app point to the potential development of a Kik search engine in the future. Until now, Kik has a lot of features that make it more than just a messenger app. Examine the Kik properties by downloading Kik for PC.

1) Kik has its own Web Browser.

2) Kik also owns a pretty valuable music store, listen to songs and enjoy your conversations.

3) Videos store, where users can watch the latest viral social media videos.

4) Share memes with your friends just from Kik, no need to upload.

5) Lightweight arcade games you can play without downloading.

6) Check out trending topics on Reddit.

Kik Sign-up:

Like other popular social networks, Kik requires some initial formalities for sign-up. Android smartphone and tablet users can easily download Kik for Android from Google Play. The problem is for Windows and Mac users as Kik no longer supports PC Platforms. Don’t worry because ForPCHelp ensures that you can Download Kik for Windows 10 and Mac. Here’s our guide to download Kik on Mac & Windows.



  • Details like email and password.
  • Confirmation through email.
  • Username and profile picture.
  • Access to contacts on your smartphone (optional).
  • Kik asks for media Storage access, it’s up to you to allow it or cancel it.

How to add friends on Kik:

There are multiple ways through which users can add friends on Kik. The most convenient way is to use the Find People option. By using this feature Kik will tell users which contacts on your phone are also on Kik. It will analyze the smartphone contact list and show you who is on Kik. Windows and Mac users can do the same while using Kik for PC.

The second option is searching people by username. Like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, Kik offers a custom search bar. Here users can search for the desired person they want to add on Kik. Type the exact username of a friend otherwise the app won’t find your contact. If you are not sure about it, ask the person for their username on Kik.

The third way is not like the above methods. Here the user can invite people to join Kik. By doing this, Kik will send a message on your selected cellphone numbers. Kik will invite related people, join Kik to chat with (your username). This option is not valid while using Kik for PC, Windows & Mac.

Can I log-in to Kik from My Computer?

Yes! by downloading Kik for PC, you can log-in to Kik on the computer. Its similar to the Log-in for Kik on Android. Whether the user downloads Kik for Windows, or they download Kik on Mac, both can Log-in to Kik on PC.

Kik Chat and Accessories:

Now the main purpose of using Kik comes into play. Kik ensures a safe and secure place to hold a conversation with loved ones, family and friends. It utilizes the stock Android Keyboard, so, enjoy endless hours of conversation daily. It is also complete free to use.


Texting: Send and receive texts to and from your friends on Kik. Adorable variety of custom stickers and standard emojis. Users can download stickers on Kik for free. The built-in GIF search engine allows you to search GIFs by typing relevant Keywords. Texting while using Kik for Windows 10 is possible,

Video Chat: Video chat is the most useful source of conversation. It reduces the distance and makes users feel close to each other. Tap on the video chat icon and talk to your friends and family for as many hours as you want. Kik is also the best alternative to Skype on PC.

Sharing Media (Video and Images):

Video file size on Kik is not limited but making a video directly from Kik has a file size limitation. You can make a video under 2 minutes or equal. The feature for sharing media is compulsory for messengers and its available on Kik. See below what kind of media files Kik allows it’s users to send.

Kik enables users to share videos among groups and individuals. The only problems arises in video file size. Unlike Xender for PC or Shareit for PC, users can’t share 4k videos or UHD Videos, full-length movies using Kik.  Same goes with Kik for PC users, only limited sized pictures are allowed while using Kik on Mac and Windows.

Kik for Windows 7/8/10:

When you download Kik for PC, Windows or Macbook, you can share images and videos saved on your laptop easily. By using Kik, you can share pictures, and an unlimited number of images can be shared at a time. Furthermore, Kik for PC doesn’t downgrade the picture quality.

Download Kik for PC, Windows & Mac:

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Kik app is available on Android on the Google Play Store and iOS users can download the app from the App Store on their devices. Unfortunately For Windows operating system, there is no option officially available. However, some third-party software supports Android devices to install apps on Windows/PC and Mac.

Follow the steps below to download and install Kik on PC, Windows:

Step 1: Download Android Emulator

Android Emulator for Windows is the best solution for users who want to run Android apps on PC. Download BlueStacks from here and open the file. Run the setup.

Step 2: Setup Bluestacks

While installing BlueStacks, a pop-up will appear for terms and conditions. Agree with them and log in to BlueStacks by using Google account credentials.

Step 3: Install Kik On PC

Through Bluestacks Open BlueStacks and go to My Apps then open System Apps folder. With a synced account, your already installed app will be there. However, open the Google Play Store app and search for the Kik app. A new page will appear, install the app from the Play Store.

Step 4: Locate Kik On PC

Kik for PC is ready to use. You just need to locate your app Go back to the system desktop and there will be an icon created. The Kik app also appears on the BlueStacks homepage.


Q: What is Kik?

A: One of the most popular messaging tools, Kik is a social network that includes an instant messaging solution.

Q: Is Kik free?

A: Users can enjoy all aspects of Kik at no cost.

Q: How do I use Kik on PC?

A: The official Kik app was removed from Windows and all desktop platforms in 2017. However, you can download and use Kik through an Android emulator.


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