Download Keye for PC, Windows 10/8/7 – Mac

Keye for PC. Keye is the cam surveillance tool which brings the live CCTV footages on your smartphones and tablets. It operates just like Hik Connect and XMEye for PC. These type of tools saves us from heavy expenses of DVR’s and LCD’s. Security usage increases abnormally in the past few years. This is because of increase in crime ratios. There are also many others reason why people use CCTV cams. It gives benefits to those persons who are operating any business setup. Help to keep an eye on workers activities. See who enters in building and who is leaving. Let see what Keye can do for you.

Keye features:

Keye features don’t have something extra than other CCTV surveillance. The different is just the stability and quality. It can give you the maximum quality of video possible depends upon your camera quality. Properly keep the backup of recordings in your device. Unfortunately, there is no cloud storage of Keye, ( you can use Hik Connect if you need cloud storage ) so it consumes your smartphone storage or SD card. Each camera has it’s own individual video tab on Keye. Want to focus on a single cam, tap on the tab to maximize it.

Sensors and Compatibilities:

Sensors, compatibility and other features always depend on your cameras. Old models just show you the videos and you can change their direction, that’s it. Latest and advanced camera models have all the essential and extra qualities which can be controlled through the app like Keye. So now download Keye for Android and connect it with your cam. ( If Keye is not available in your country, you can always use VPN Master to download it. ) As per the only app concern, it supports all the sensors and attachments. You can make announcements from an app if your cam supports voice communication features. Motion detection notifies you about the activities at odd timing. Enable the notifications to keep your self-alert 24/7. Follow below procedure and requirements to get Keye for PC.

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