IP Pro3 for PC, Windows – Review & Steps to Download

IP Pro3 for PCDo you want to use IP Pro3 for PC? After the success of IP Pro, wu peilin has given us a new app called IP Pro3. Old is gold, but new is always better. IP Pro3 comes with more advanced technology, new abilities, and compatibilities. It is especially good for those users who are using the latest models of security cameras. Get rid of expensive LCDs and DVRs and just watch videos on smartphones and Tablets. The smartphone is the best solution because it is always with you. So, by connecting IP Pro3 with cameras, users can monitor live coverage on a phone. Outside the home or office, no worries, IP Pro3 keeps users aware at every moment.

How to Download IP Pro3 for PC

To download IP Pro3 for PC you need to download and install an android emulator like Bluestacks. Then you must open Bluestacks and search for the IP Pro3 app, download and install IP Pro3 from the google play store and finally open IP Pro3 via the Bluestacks environment.

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Follow the steps below to install IP PRO on PC, Windows and Mac:

Step 1: Android Emulator

Firstly, you need to download Android Emulator on PC, Windows and Mac. You can download from here, we suggest to choose Bluestacks app player. It is good for newcomers.

Step 2: Configure Bluestacks

Now open the downloaded Bluestacks .exe file and run step to proceed installation. After that follow on-screen instructions.

Step 3: Install IP Pro3 From Play Store

Open Bluestacks, on the main screen you can see Google Play Store app. open it and write in the search bar IP Pro 3 hit enter button. A new page will open, click on install button in IP Pro3 app page.

Step 4: Locate IP Pro3 App

When app installation process is completed, go back to system desktop and an icon will be created for IP Pro3. You can use the app from there, but keep in mind you always need the Android emulator to run the app.

What are the Differences between IP Pro and IP Pro3?

The main differences between IP Pro and IP Pro3 are improvements in general performance, another one is the extra cloud storage capabilities for recorded content. With the old IP Pro for PC, there is no cloud storage available. IP Pro3 has solved this problem. In this app users can store recording backups without putting the burden on device storage. Due to this feature, IP Pro3 now can compete with the more popular apps like SuperLive Plus for PC and Alfred Home Security Camera for PC. As per the app details, it is compatible with all sensors and attachments.

IP Pro3 Sensors and Attachment Support

Now people can clearly view videos at night because IP Pro3 has been given night mode. Night modeĀ  is not so common in this secotr, with only popular tools like IP webcam for PC providing it. IP Pro3 is a general app, so it is compatible with cameras of other brands. Enable notifications to keep yourself alert 24/7. Motion sensor support enables users to watch movements. Save your mobile data, use WiFi connection to watch live footage.

IP Pro3 for PC and Windows experience is better than a smartphone.

IP Pro3 can be connected to unlimited cameras. It shows all camera footage in individually arranged video tabs. Tap to focus on a single cam. If any object or person is not clearly visible, IP Pro3 offers Zoom-in feature for it. View videos in HD Quality for free.

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What is IP Pro3?

IP Pro3 is an app that allows you to connect to surveillance cameras and view them on your smartphone, tablet, and even PC screen.

How do I use IP Pro3 on PC?

There is no official Windows-based IP Pro3 app for PC. Instead, you can run the app on a computer through an Android emulator such as BlueStacks.

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