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IMSeye for PCIMSeye for PC. The purpose of this app is to help users access their surveillance devices from smartphones. This app is compatible with any sort of operating systems. Also, it supports many kinds of digital recorders and monitoring camera devices. One can easily connect such kind of compatible security device with the app by following the configuration steps. The needed configuration settings are like entering the serial numbers of monitoring devices and setting an active email account within the app. Once there, the live feed of security cameras and videos from digital recorders will become available for you to access. Moreover, there are some other surveillance apps like IP Pro for PC and Meye for PC.

IMSeye Key Features

  • Allows Pan-Tilt-Zoom. With it, users can easily change the angles of their cameras and make zoom customizations.
  • Digital recorders like NVRs and DVRs are compatible with the app.
  • A user can take a screenshot from the live feed when needed.
  • P2P connections are allowed.
  • A consumer can connect his/her device through QR-code.
  • Alarm notification is also available.

IMSeye Outline

IMSeye is an app which works well for all of the people. Like the ones who work and has to go on big business trips. They can use the services of this app to keep an eye on their belongings and loved ones from a long distance. Now, there is no need for them to stay put to their home just for security purpose, they can take all the security precautions from a long distance. This app also comes in handy for them if they need to keep an eye on their employees. A person can use the services of this app if he just wants to supervise the work done in his office. However, this is a very helpful app which is made to bring ease to the people who are conscious of their security and privacy.

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