iDMSS Lite for PC, Windows, Mac – Download

Security cameras are the now a need for small scale and large scale organizations. Not only in the business sector, but these apps are also equally popular in the residential sector too. The use of security cameras becomes easier when we select a good smartphone surveillance application for them. Among the top best CCTV camera apps, we are considering iDMSS now. Because this app video quality is extremely high, many times better than other apps. iDMSS is developed for iPhone, On Android, this app is available by name of gDMSS. First, have a look at iDMSS Lite features, then proceed to guide of downloading iDMSS Lite for PC.

iDMSS for PC

iDMSS on Windows Laptop:

As per users personal experience, they found this app outstanding. Surely users will love it more when they download iDMSS Lite for PC. The big screen lets users monitor the video more clearly and it’s easy to focus on specific on a specific object. The function of iDMSS app totally depends on the generation of a camera connected with it. It will support all compatibility if connected camera contains all features. iDMSS on Windows 10 works perfectly.

iDMSS features and compatibility:

As per the app concern, this app is able to support all advanced sensors in cameras. For example, motion sensors! Users can control the motion and directions of cameras just through their smartphones. The second thing is the notification alarm. At night times, if some strange thing passes infront of cameras, iDMSS will quickly notify users. Support both sided voice communications, senders and receivers can hear to each other. Only thing is required that camera must have voice attachments. Get iDMSS for Laptop now and experience and monitor CCTV footages better.

Free Cloud Storage: 

Now the main attraction for users in iDMSS is free cloud storage. iDMSS offers plenty of storage. Users don’t need to put a burden on device internal storage. Backup of recordings will remain safe in the cloud until users intend to delete those. This feature is rare only a few apps offer cloud storage. By the way, our previous recommendations are also good surveillance apps. For example,SuperLive Plus for PC, Superlive Pro for PC, Alfred home security camera for PC.

How to install iDMSS Lite for PC:

iDMSS available for Android and iOS users, unfortunately there is no version for PC, windows and Mac users. There is only one option remaining, third-party software’s like android emulator is only solution for your problem. Follow the method below:

  • Go to Android emulator for Windows and Mac page and download latest version for your favorite app player.
  • Now open .exe file and start the installation process. It will initiate extracting files into the system.
  • Add Google account into the android app player. It will sync all your data, and previously stored data.
  • Now locate Google Play Store app in App player. Write IDMSS Lite in the search bar and tap on enter button. IDMSS Lite app will open in Google Play Store, Click on install button.
  • IDMSS Lite app is installed, keep in mind, you need always third-party app player to use Android app on PC.
iDMSS Lite for PC, Windows, Mac – Download
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