How to Speed Up Your PC?

Trying to figure out how to speed up your PC? Check out this helpful guide!

How Can I Speed Up My Computer with Windows 10?

There aren’t a lot of things that are more frustrating than a slow-moving PC. The following tips will help you learn how to speed up your PC with Windows 10:


When you restart your computer you allow the entire system to reboot. All things considered, if you can’t remember the last time you allowed your computer to shut down, or restart, then it’s time to restart it! You’ll be back to playing your games, or editing your spread sheets in no time.

Update Everything

Some of your favorite apps, as well as your operating system as a whole, may be running slowly because they are in need of an update! Try to update as many things as possible!

Startup Apps and Processing

You may not be aware of how many programs are running on your PC at one time. Open your “Task Manager”. Click on the “Startups” tab. Look carefully at the “Startup Impact” to see what programs are high and may be causing issues. Then “Disable” them if you don’t need them to open when you first start your computer.

Clean Up Unused Software

Run a disk clean up, as well as get rid of old software you’re not using anymore. Go to “Control Panel”>”Programs”>”Programs and Features”>”Uninstall a Program” to get rid of unwanted software.

Upgrade Ram

Let’s face it, after a while we all need to suck it up, and pay for an upgrade. This could not only give us more storage, but it may also boost the speed of your PC.

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Why is My PC Running So Slowly?

There could be any number of reasons why your computer is running slowly. It could be because your Proxy VPN is slowing down your browser, or even having too many programs running at once. However, here are the top offenders for why your computer is running so slowly:

  • Too many programs running in the background
  • Old hard drive, as well as fragmented hard drive
  • Startup Programs are too many in number
  • In need of updates
  • Visual features and special effects are taking all your speed
  • Running out of RAM
  • No more disk space

Overall, it’s best to remember that the majority of these issues have easy fixes!

How Do I Fix a Slow Startup Computer?

When it comes to fixing a slow startup, as well as learning how to speed up your PC, it’s good to remember to keep to the basics. Restart your computer, clean up old programs you don’t use, and shut off programs you don’t need to open during your PC startup.

You should also consider investing in external hard drives, more  RAM, and even SSD cards and other helpful add-ons to your PC. Not to mention doing regular system maintenance and running disk clean up.

How Can I Clean Up My Computer?

All in all, there are many different ways you can clean up your computer. Focusing on how to speed up your PC is important, but when it comes down too it, keeping it from slowing down in the first place is key!

First, you must do regular system maintenance checks. Go to “Control Panel”>”System and Security”>”Security and Maintenance”. Then expand your maintenance options by clicking on the arrow, as well as choosing “Start Maintenance”.

You can also open your Windows Menu, type in “Disk Clean Up” and you can pick and choose which programs to remove by clicking “Clean Up System Files”.

Second, it’s important to take advantage of external storage options. They not only allow your computer to run smoother, but also keep your files and information safe in case your PC kicks the bucket!

Last, but not least, it’s important to not put things on your computer that you know you don’t need. Because you know after using a program for a few days whether you will use it regularly in the long run!

Speed Up Your PC and Keep It Running!

All things considered, it’s really easy to get your computer up and running at a fast pace! With these tips you can not only watch all your favorites movies on VUDU and top speed, but you can also get rid of some programs that you don’t even use anymore. Learn how to speed up your PC and keep it running fast with these helpful tips and tricks!

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