How to Record Guitar on PC

Are you trying to figure out how to record guitar on PC at home? Check out this guide to find all the ways you can get started now!

How to Record an Electric Guitar on PC?

Recording an electric guitar doesn’t have to be complicated. There are a few different ways you can record guitar on PC using an Electric guitar. All in all, it could be as simple as opening up MainStage, or just hooking up a cord!

Using an Audio Interface

An audio interface is an easy way to get music onto your computer. All in all, they come in many shapes and sizes. Not to mention prices. Here’s how to use an Audio Interface to record electric guitar on PC:

Step 1: Connection

  • Connect your audio interface to your PC. This may be by using a USB interface, or you may need a connection kit.

Step 2: Extra Software

  • Follow the instructions to install any software that you may need. Download it for the Audio Interface if needed.

Step 3: Leads

  • Use a guitar lead (an audio cable, basically) to connect your electric guitar, as well as your audio interface.

Step 4: Recording Software

  • Open up your recording software on your PC. Start a new file.

Step 5: Set up Headphones!

All things considered, an audio interface allows you to not only record guitar on PC, but also adjust your audio quality. Not to mention audio settings!

electric guitar

Connect to an AMP or AMP Simulator

Without having to purchase any fancy equipment, you may be able to simply connect your electric guitar to the amp you already have! First, you will need to connect your electric guitar to your amp using the guitar lead you typically use to play.

Second, you will need to take the line out of your amp and connect it to your audio interface. You can then connect your audio interface with your PC.

However, you may be able to directly connect your amp’s line out directly to your PC. This will completely depend upon the type of computer you have, as well as its audio capabilities.

Third, you may want to try using an amp simulator instead of you want a more compact option. Connect your electric guitar to the amp simulator, then using the line out for the audio connection on the amp simulator, connect it to your computer.

Lastly, once your amp is successfully connected, you can start to record guitar on PC using whatever software you have downloaded! Be certain to double-check if you can hear the amp using headphones or your computer speakers.

Record Using a Mic

A tried and true way to record your guitar onto your PC is to use a microphone. You can purchase a USB microphone, as well as use a 1-A microphone and a lead. Not to mention just using the built in microphone on your computer!

Step 1: Ambient Sound Blocking

  • Sound proof the recording area if possible to avoid excess background noise.

Step 2: Microphone

  • Connect your microphone to your PC. You may need cables, as well as an open USB port.

Step 3: Software

  • Open your recording software. As well as start a new file for your song.

Step 4: Recording Device

Select the microphone as your recording device. You may need additional software. Simply follow the instructions on your recording software.

Step 5: Record

  • Hit record and start playing!

No matter what, this is the simplest approach to getting to record guitar on PC.

However, there are lots of things that may interfere with your audio recording quality. Using an audio interface, as well as connecting directly from your amp or amp simulator, will provide clearer recordings.

How to Record an Acoustic Guitar on PC

Recording guitar on PC using an acoustic guitar is actually extremely simple! All things considered, you can be listening to your acoustic music on Joox in no time at all.

how to record guitar on pc acoustic

Using a Microphone

When you want to get acoustic guitar onto a digital platform, the best and most straight-forward way is to use a mic. Whether you go all out and use a large-diaphragm condenser microphone worth thousands of dollars, or you want to use the mic on your computer, it’s the easiest method.

Simply connect the microphone, using audio cables, as well as USB ports, then open the recording program of your choice. Then start the recording session!

Furthermore, you may need to find ways to reduce the audio interference in the recording area. Make sure it’s nice and quiet while you’re recording to get the best quality.

Electro-Acoustic Connection Options

If you have a newer acoustic guitar, then you may be able to record guitar on PC by using the 1/4″ audio output on your guitar. Overall, having an electro-acoustic guitar means you can connect the guitar to your PC just like an electric guitar!

Therefore, you can follow the same steps for connecting your acoustic guitar to your computer as you would an electric guitar. You can choose to use an audio interface, as well as an amp or an amp simulator!

Record Guitar on PC from Home Like a Pro!

There are lots of ways to get your music onto your PC. Whether you choose to connect your electric guitar using an audio interface, or you set up a microphone for your acoustic piece it’s quite simple! Use this guide to record guitar on PC and you’ll be recording like a pro in no time!

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