Google Goggles For PC – Windows 10 & Mac

You know that it’s impossible to carry a big scanner in your pocket. So Wouldn’t it be awesome, if you have a tiny scanner with you all the time? A scanner that’s gonna help you scan photos, pictures, tattoos, book covers and so on. Don’t you want to know about the name of this amazing application? Well, it’s none other but Google Goggles app. So in this article, I will also tell you how to download & install Google Goggles For PC on Windows  & Mac OS.

Google Goggles For PC

About Google Goggles

Google Goggles is a scanner app delivered by the tech giant Google. This app works best for users who want to scan different objects and save a digital copy of them in their smartphones or PC. It’s obvious that no one can carry a big digital scanner with himself, all the time. But it does not mean that we do not have the right to save our beloved photos in our device. With the Google lens facility, users can scan and save a picture of whatever they want and whenever they want to. Likely, if you are willing to find full detail on a scan picture, you will have to connect your device with the internet or else nothing will happen.

How To Scan Pictures via Google Goggles?

The app Google Goggles works just like a scanner. It basically turns your device into a scanner and let you scan numerous objects as you want to. To scan a particular object, a user needs to put his device in front of the object which he likes to scan. For instance, it’s just like scanning a QR-code a surveillance app. Well, about the QR-Code facility, users can also scan such industrial codes to get information on their favorite products.

Is Google Goggles Still Available?

Sadly, Google Googles is officially no more with us. But with the help of Google Goggles APK, users can download it on their smartphones and even on PC. As to install Google Goggles For PC using APK file is a little trickier as compared to downloading the app for smartphones. No need to worry, download Google Goggles APK file and then we will tell you how you can download Google Goggles For Windows & Mac.

How To Download Google Goggles For Chrome?

Unfortunately, there is no official version of Google Goggles For Chrome. But with the help of a Chrome Extension named as Arc Welder, users can download Google Goggles For Chrome. To Do so, first, you will have to download & install Arc Welder on Chrome. After the installation of the extension file, Upload Google Goggles APK file in it. Wait a while and let the process complete. Depending on the speed of your internet, you will be able to access Google Goggles For PC in a couple of seconds.

How To Download & Install Google Goggles For PC (Windows & Mac)

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