gDMSS Plus for PC | Windows 10/8/7 – MAC

Free Download and Install gDMSS Plus for PC. It is one of the best free video surveillance tools which control IP cams of home and office. This application shows live streaming of IP cam with the help of internet connection. With live HD video streaming it record videos and includes the option of video playback. gDMSS Plus supports three different types of devices; WiFi Device, Wired Device, and Cloud Device.gDMSS Plus for PC

How to Add Device on gDMSS Plus

With a user-friendly interface, it has become very popular among users. The procedure of connecting a DVR with gDMSS Plus app is very simple and easy. All you need to do is to click on Add a device option. You will get three further options, select the suitable option. Once done, add information of the IP cam such as Device Name, Port Number and IP address of the cam. By entering the correct information you can now see live video of the cam.

Key Features of gDMSS Plus for Windows PC

There are many features of gDMSS Plus app. Some of them are shown below.

  • Live Preview: It gives a live preview of the cam with the help of internet connection. Moreover, it supports Landscape as well as Portrait View.
  • Playback: All live videos of the cam are recorded. Through its Playback feature, you can play any previous video of the cam.
  • Cloud Storage: Save an unlimited number of videos. This app has its own cloud storage. Also, download videos directly from cloud storage. It is the main difference between gDMSS Lite for PC and gDMSS Plus.
  • Alert & Notification: Includes motion detector, it immediately notifies if it records anything suspicious in the video.
  • Multiple Cams: With gDMSS plus you can manage multiple cams at the same time. Method for adding a device remains the same. After adding the device, click on the cam which you want to view.

Download gDMSS Plus for PC, Windows/Mac:

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