GarageBand for PC (Windows-Mac): Free Download

GarageBand for PC is a musical app owned by Apple.Inc. In the beginning, this app was available on the App store with the starting price was $6.99, but after some time it was available for free. Meanwhile, Microsoft did not restrict app for Windows but the Apple.Inc did not produce an official version rather than for iOS and Mac devices. As for the users, who wish to download and access this app on Microsoft operating systems, we will provide a solution to help them. But first, let us talk about GarageBand Guide:

GarageBand for Mac:

The first version of this application was introduced in 2002 but Apple officially announced the app as their own product in 2004. The purpose of this app was to deliver a user with the facilities to encounter music editing problem. People who find it very hard for them to make and edit their sound files, this app was made for them. As this app allows an individual to connect his digital sound instruments with it and make a number of music tracks for himself. It was hard for users to understand the working mechanism of such an app, as there was no similar app in the current era.

GarageBand for PC

As the old era of technology started to evolve with the modern era. There was a lot of development changes made inside the app. Users get to make their own sounds and tracks conveniently. So this app was mostly preferred by the DJs and similar personalities. As for the beginner level musicians, they get to test their music tracks inside the app. There was nothing left for a music lover to bother himself with other lazy performance musical applications. However, there are some other features of this application which we will talk about below.

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Audio Recording

It is always a dream for a musician to record his newly made music tracks in order to test his performance level. For such individuals, this app works like a treat. This app comes in handy for all of the users who wish to record their music conveniently. All it takes from a user is to hit the record button and start recording his desired tracks.

Audio Editing

A piece of music is not made without customizations. There is always something left inside a music track which makes a musician feel a need to add something more inside it. Some musicians wish to create a guitar sound music track and some wish to add bass boost into it, it’s all about preferences. However, our point being here is that one can easily edit his soundtracks by the use of right plugins

How To Make a Sound Track

For people who wish to enter the world of music but could find the right way to do it, they should probably get this application. Because there are a number of guides and tutorials which provides satisfaction for the beginner level musicians. There is a whole variety of music tutorials to help an individual understand the principles of making good music track.

Sell Your Music Online

For musicians who find it really hard to get sponsors for their music band, they can use this app to get their music hit the ears of music producers. One is allowed to share as many tracks and musical album with the help of in-app plugins. So creating music and then trying to sell it with your own name on it, what else would you want from a music app?


Jampacks are something which you can consider as the in-app plugins. They focus on reducing the human effort and time of a musician. Some of the famous Jampacks are remix tools, bass boosters, and similar. Such tools are basically made for editing purpose, but they can also be used while making a new soundtrack. As for the ones willing to create their desired music tracks willing to add more instrumental effects than they have, this feature helps them a lot.

GarageBand for iOS

GarageBand for iOS

With the production of the GarageBand app for iOS, it has become very easy for musicians to create music. Because with the iOS devices they can transform them into touch musical instruments. Also, it is really an easy task to carry an iOS device from one place to another. Musicians can use their iPhones and iPads as a music box. The guitars, the drums, and the touch pianos, each n everything serves best in trust for the DJ’s. There are some features of this app for iOS devices which we will talk about it below:

Use Musical Loops

Musical loops are made to help musicians create an astounding music track. It can be made on the right spot where you just have started performing in front of your audience. Even if you have a small audience, you must provide it perfectly or else their response to your music is not going to be well. Though it is really simple and easy to create music loops, just select your desired tools and starting hitting them sequentially. Now, you are the on the way to rock.

Connect Musical Instruments

A user can connect dozens of musical instruments with this app. The tools like guitars, drums, and many others. However, there are some music tools which are designed to be available inside the app. Users can use such on-screen instruments to make their desired tracks without buying heavy metal instruments. Like the on-screen pianos, which works as a compelling musical instrument.

Share Your Music

User’s of this app get to share their hand made music tracks with other people of the world. You may not find this feature available for GarageBand for Mac. But with the iOS version, one can easily share his music tracks on social media platforms like tinder, Facebook etc. Also, it allows a consumer to share his/her music files on Youtube as well.

GarageBand for Windows PC

As told before, there is no official version of GarageBand for Microsoft OS. Still, there is nothing which can stop us from achieving our desired goal. For instance, we are going to use the services of a third-party software called as an emulator. This software or Windows application will help you to access all of your iOS apps on PC. So without any further delay let’s get to the main point:

  • Download and Install iPadian on PC/Laptop.
  • When Installed, open iPadian to start processing with it.
  • Once there, open the app store.

GarageBand for PC

  • Type GarageBand in the search bar and hit enter.

GarageBand for Windows

  • Now, open GarageBand.

GarageBand for Windows PC

  • Click on the Get button and wait until the installation completes.

GarageBand for Laptop

  • Open it and enjoy.

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