Download FlipaClip for PC (Windows & Mac) – Step By Step

FlipaClip for PC. Many users don’t realize that animation is not like movie making. At first, it is made in sketch form then drawing, editing and finally, it appears in video form. Creating animation has never been easier than today thanks to the FlipaClip app. This tool lets users create the best animations you desire. Recreate your favorite superheroes and favorite anime characters. For example, maybe a good anime creation you develop in the app will catch the attention of a publisher. The idea for FlipaClip is taken from the traditional Flipbook app. However, for a better experience, we highly recommend downloading and install FlipaClip for Windows & Mac.

FlipaClip for Laptop Available or Not?

FlipaClip is not available on PC, Laptop, Desktop. However, people are curious about using FlipaClip on Windows because animation is easier on a PC than a smartphone screen. The unavailability of FlipaClip on PC doesn’t mean that you cannot use this app on Laptop. In fact, you can use specific software that helps to run FlipaClip on PC. Android emulators are third party tools that enable you to download and install FlipaClip on Windows. Once users install an Android emulator on PC it becomes easy to get FlipaClip for Laptop.

How To Install FlipaClip On Windows

To download FlipaClip for PC you need to download and install an android emulator. Then you must open the emulator and search for the FlipaClip app via google play store, download and install FlipaClip from the google play store and finally open FlipaClip via the Bluestacks environment. Time needed: 10 minutes. Follow the following steps in details to download FlipaClip on PC, Windows and Mac.

Step 1: Download Android Emulator

Using FlipaClip on Windows needs third-party software. You can download an Android emulator from here. When downloading is complete, open the .exe file to start the installation.

Step 2: Configured Emulator for FilpaClip

Now you need to login via the Android emulator to install FlipaClip on PC. Add your Google account and agree with the terms and conditions.

Step 3: Install FlipaClip on Windows

When all the configuration is complete, open the Android emulator (BlueStacks) and go to My Apps then open the System App folder. There are some already installed apps, but you need to open the  Google Play Store. Write FlipaClip in the Google Play Store search bar and when it opens click on the install button.

Step 4: Locate FlipaClip On PC

All the process completed, you just need to find the installed app Go to your Android emulator and there will be an app icon that you can open. You can also find FlipaClip on your Windows 10 Desktop. Every time you want to use the Android app, you need this third-party Android emulator to open and run it.

FlipaClip Description:

FlipaClip for PC

All essential and basic tools for animation are available on FlipaClip for PC free. Only high-level drawing equipment are hidden behind in-app purchases. Flipbook users surely know about Ghost images and the app produces these after drawing. Furthermore, the only things you need to use the app are creativity and drawing skills. Importantly, using FlipaClip on Windows is more useful than FlipaClip on Android. For Android users, there’s no need to download the APK because it is already available officially on Google Play.

Samsung Note series users have a special benefit in using FlipaClip. This app supports the Samsung S Pen for drawing and sketching. Moreover, Anime wallpapers, images and creating Anime videos is easy through FlipaClip Animation for PC. For the convenience of users, there is a direct sharing option is available. Users can share their Anime creations on Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Recap and Highlights of FlipaClip for PC:

  • Sketching
  • Drawing
  • Coloring
  • Editing
  • Animating
  • Story Boarding
  • Drawing conversion to Pictures
  • Pictures conversion to Videos
  • Direct sharing.


What is FlipaClip?

A: FlipaClip is a sketch and drawing app that helps you create professional-quality digital sketches.

Is FlipaClip easy to use?

A: Intuitive UI and support for third-party input devices such as the Samsung S Pen.

Can I download FlipaClip on PC?

A: While there is no official version of FlipaClip on Windows, you can download the app through an Android emulator. Follow our guide to find out how to do it.

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