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FishVPN for PCFishVPN for PC provides a facility for the internet user to bypass strong firewalls. This app works well for the consumers who wish to access any sort of blocked websites and social media portals. Users get to live stream as many videos as they like to, there is no restriction on online bandwidth. Furthermore, you can use the services of this app to connect t loved ones from another region or location because it bypasses georestrictions. The most awesome part is that this app is free to access and there is no need for a user to step into the frustrating registration process. However, there are similar apps like FlashVPN for PC and X-VPN for PC that offer the same.

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Unlimited Free VPN Proxy & Security VPN

It is always important for a user to get a secure internet connection. For that, VPN apps come in handy. You get to have a private connection, away from the approach of online hackers. This specific job gets done by providing a user with a fake IP address. This way a user becomes invisible on the internet and no one can trace your location. Furthermore, there are lots of different locational proxy servers that a user can decide for himself. However, it usually works best if you select the recommended servers provided by Fish VPN.

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FishVPN Outline

FishVPN works well for every sort of internet user, especially the ones who usually connect their devices with public wifi, because public wifi works as a hunting place for internet hackers. Attackers wait for a victim to come and connect his/her device to open networks. So if a user does not wish to become a victim of such online hunters, they should probably use the services such as FishVPN. With this app you get to secure your private data and have more confidence when you’re browsing.

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How To Download and Install FishVPN on PC, Windows and Mac?

FishVPN is available for Android users. To download FishVPN for PC, you need to download and install an Android emulator. Then, sync in your Google account, install FishVPN from the Google Play store, and finally open FishVPN via the Android emulator’s environment.

Time needed:10 minutes.

Step 1: Android Emulator

Firstly, download Android Emulator for Windows. We suggest BlueStacks, but it has a heavy file to download so make sure you have stable and fast internet connection.

Step 2: Configuration

Add Google account to Sync your data with Android Emulator.

Step 3: Google Play Store on Windows

Open Android Emulator and search FishVPN, it will open in Google Play Store. Click on install Fish VPN app from Google Play Store app.

Step 4: FishVPN on PC

Now go back to desktop and locate FishVPN app.

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Q: What is FishVPN?

A: FishVPN is a free to use VPN service that allows you to use the internet anonymously and securely.

Q: Is FishVPN free to use?

A: Not only is FishVPN completely free, there is also no frustrating registration process.

Q: Can I download FishVPN for PC?

A: While there is no official FishVPN app on Windows, you can download and use the app from the Google Play Store by using an Android emulator.

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