How To Download SoundHound for PC (Windows or Mac)

Want to download SoundHound for PC? It may not be so easy to get this app on your computer since it’s available only on Android and IOS. Nevertheless, there is a way to download it and use it on Windows or Mac.

How to Download SoundHound for PC

To download SoundHound on your PC you will need to download an android emulator onto your computer. Next, you are going to log into your Google Play Store account through the Emulator and search for SoundHound. After you find the application, you will follow the instructions to download the app. From there you can access SoundHound from the emulator environment! 

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Check out the detailed steps to download SoundHound on your PC.

Step 1: Get Bluestacks on your PC

Go to the official Bluestacks website and download the Android Emulator for your computer. Follow the instructions for installation, as well as open the program once the installation is complete.

Step 2: Google Play Store

The newest versions of Bluestacks has the Google Play Store incorporated into the program. Find the Play Store within Bluestacks. Generally, it will be connected with a search bar in the top right corner of Bluestacks, however, sometimes you need to open the app within the program.

Step 3: Sign In and Search

Signing into your Google ID is important, or you can’t get SoundHound! Once you open the Google Play Store through Bluestacks, you will need to sign into your account. This can be done by entering your normal email address, as well as your password when prompted. Next, you’ll want to search for “SoundHound” in the search bar.

Step 4: Downloading SoundHound for PC

Now that you’ve successfully found the SoundHound on the Play Store, it’s time to download. Select the “Download” option, as well as the “Get” option on some versions. Download SoundHound for PC and then follow the prompts for installation.

Step 5: Installation

Click on the “Install” button once the download is complete. Follow your computer’s prompts to complete the installation.

Step 6: Running the App

You can now run SoundHound through your Bluestacks program! Go to the “My Apps” tab to find your new app. Not to mention you can save in on the Bluestacks “desktop” for easy access.

All things considered, downloading SoundHound for PC is really simple. Now you can play songs on Jio Music, or any other application and know what that new song is with a few simple clicks!

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How to Use SoundHound for PC

Using SoundHound is remarkably simple. Here is an easy to follow guide on how to use this app on your PC.

Step 1: Open Bluestacks

First, you’ll need to open your Bluestacks application. Next, you’ll need to find the SoundHound app in the program. All in all, if it isn’t directly on your program’s desktop, then you can find it in the “My Apps” tab in Bluestacks.

Step 2: Open SoundHound

Click on the SoundHound App in your Bluestacks program and get it up and running.

Step 3: Play the Song and Tap the Button!

Press play on the song you want to know what it is, and simply click on the large orange button in the center of your SoundHound app! The “What’s That Song?” button, as well as the “Tap Here” icon, is all you have to do!

Step 4: Finding the Song

SoundHound will then “Listen” to the music. SoundHound for PC will then show the name of the song as well as the artist. If SoundHound can’t find the song, then you simply need to click the orange “What’s That Song?” button again to try once more. However, it will give you “Close Matches” to songs.

Step 5: Sharing is Caring

SoundHound for PC will also give you options to share the song with your online contacts, as well as play your favorite songs, show lyrics, and allow you to save songs to Spotify playlists!

Altogether, there are lots of really helpful things you can do with SoundHound for PC to help you grow your musical library.

SoundHound for PC Will Expand Your Music Library!

SoundHound for PC is a great app that allows you to find new songs, add them to playlists automatically, as well as view lyrics and share recent discoveries. Use this helpful guide to get SoundHound for PC, then connect those new headphones and start grooving!

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