VivaVideo For PC Online, Windows 10 And MAc

VivaVideo for PCVivaVideo for PC online serves as one of the best video editors on the market. However, VivaVideo is only available on smartphones and tablets through iOS and Android. Still, there are some users who wish to have such an amazing app on their Windows PC and MacBook devices. Luckily, you can download Android apps with the help of an Android emulator. This means you will have to use the services of a third-party software but it’s worth it if you are getting access to an awesome app like VivaVideo on the big screen of your PC or Laptop.

How To Download VivaVideo for PC?

The VivaVideo editor can be used on Android and iOS devices officially but for PC, Windows and Mac users, VivaVideo app is not available for direct installation. However, some third-party software helps to take advantage of this app on a desktop computer. Follow the steps below to download VivaVideo Editor on PC.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Step 1: Download Android Emulator

As we said before, third-party software is essential for using Play Store apps on PC. You can download an Android emulator for windows from here. After that open the downloaded files and run setup. For your ease of installation, we included official links for each emulator.

Step 2: Set It Up

After the installation process finishes, you just need to configure it with your system. At first agree with terms and conditions as you always would while start using an Android device. Also log in to the Emulator (BlueStacks) with Google account credentials.

Step 3: Install VivaVideo On PC Through Emulator

Your third-party software is ready to use, just open it from the desktop icon and go to the My Apps folder and then open System apps. Here you will find the Google Play Store app. Open it and search ViVaVideo and select Install the app.

Step 4: Locate ViVaVideo On Desktop

VivaVideo installation will now be complete, an icon will appear on the desktop. You can also find the app from BlueStacks home page. Keep in mind you always need the Android emulator to use this app.

Start Creating With VivaVideo for PC 

As VivaVideo for PC is a powerful video editing tool, users get to create a variety of awesome videos with it. Apart from editing, you can also make videos with the help of this astounding app. By using the default camera features, you can create tons of slideshows, make awesome selfies, or just use music lens to create music videos. Furthermore, the app is perfect for users who want to create videos in order to share them with others. There is support provided for users that allows them to share their video creations conveniently through social media.

VivaVideo for PC as a Best Tool to Edit Videos

Many video editing facilities are provided for users to create their own clips. To do this, you can access the powerful editing tools on the app, such as the ability to zoom in and zoom out. With this particular tool you can perform more granular edits in finer detail. Furthermore, the provided tools also help individuals to create video clips by joining a number of pictures and photos. This way, you get to save a memory of your desired photos by joining them into a single video file.

VivaVideo for PC Bringing Awesomeness

VivaVideo for PC is the best way to bring awesomeness to your videos. The performance level of VivaVideo for PC is really good which allows you to perform desired operations in no time. It’s the variety of facilities which make this app compelling for users. You have capabilities to create professional quality images and videos.

VivaVideo for PC Key Features

Following are the key features of VivaVideo for PC:

  • Works as a convenient tool to edit photos and videos without wasting any time.
  • Users are allowed to add music tracks to their videos.
  • Add animations to your desired videos.
  • Comes with more than 8 camera lens modes.
  • A huge variety of online effects are available which no other editor app has to offer.
  • Best photo collage maker.
  • Different editing modes like trimming videos, storyboard editing etc.
  • Write text to add to your desired videos.
  • Make brightness and contrast customizations.

How To Work With VivaVideo for PC

So far we have explained that VivaVideo online for PC is a video and photo editing app. As mentioned, there are many tools which allow you to create unique and fun-loving videos. But most users still feel confused about using the VivaVideo app. With that in mind, we will provide you with a brief guide to help you better understand the qualities of VivaVideo for PC. Head below to know about them:

  • After installing VivaVideo for PC, open it.
  • Head to the edit option and select your desired picture or video which you wish to edit.
  • Choose your desired theme from the VivaVideo’s provided library.
  • The next thing you have to do is to add music to your video files. A user can select his desired music tracks which are saved in the storage of the device.
  • To add text, you need to head again to the edit menu and there select Text. A number of text tools will appear, make your desired choice as you prefer to. You can also choose text timing in your videos if you want to.
  • When you are finished, tap on your desired social media app button to share your image or video with others.


Q: What is VivaVideo?

A: VivaVideo is a powerful and feature-rich editing suite that lets you customize and edit photos and videos.

Q: Is VivaVideo available for PC?

A: Unfortunately, VivaVideo is only available on iOS and Android for direct installation. However, there are ways to install and use the app on PC.

Q: How do I install VivaVideo for PC?

A: Follow the steps in our easy-to-follow guide, including downloading an Android emulator to run VivaVideo on a desktop computer.

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