Download ES File Explorer for PC (Windows or Mac) Step By Step

Trying to download the ES File Explorer for PC to your computer? Because there isn’t an official way to get this app on windows and mac yet, this guide will show you how to download and use ES File Explorer on your PC!

How to Download ES File Explorer for PC

In order to download ES File Explorer to your computer, you will need to first download an Android Emulator which allows you to replicate the Android OS on your PC. Through the emulator, you can then download ES File Explorer onto your computer!

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Check out the following detailed steps:

Step 1: Find an Emulator

First, you’ll need to download an Android Emulator to your computer. This will make it so you can replicate the Android Operating System on your PC. For the sake of this tutorial, the emulator Bluestacks will be used as an example. Make your way to the Bluestacks website, follow the downloading instructions, as well as the prompts for installation.

Step 2: Google ID and Search

You will need to locate the Google Play Store within the Bluestacks program. It is already pre-loaded to Bluestacks. Open the Google Play Store, within the emulator, then enter your normal Google ID. Once you are signed into your account, you can then go to the search bar and type ES File Explorer.

Step 3: Click and Download

Once you find ES File Explorer on the Play Store within the Bluestacks emulator, you can press the Download, as well as the GET button on some versions. Follow the prompts for downloading the application, as well as hitting the Install button when the download is finished. Follow the prompts for installation. You will also be required to accept all of the Terms and Conditions of downloading the application.

Step 4: Opening with Emulator

Once the installation process is complete you can now share files using ES File Explorer through the Bluestacks program. You can find the app in the My Apps tab on Bluestacks, as well as on the home screen of the emulator program if you save it there. Open the app in Bluestacks, and you can start using ES File Explorer for PC!

It’s really that simple! All things considered, despite having to download the emulator first, getting ES File Explorer on your computer isn’t that difficult!

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How to Use ES File Explorer for PC

There isn’t a big change from using ES File Explorer for PC to using the app on your tablet or smartphone. However, there are slight differences in how the application operates on your computer from your Android device. These steps will help you figure out how to use ES File Explorer on your computer.

Step 1: Using Your Emulator

Because you downloaded the application to your Android Emulator program, you will need to use the emulator to run your ES File Explorer. First, open Bluestacks on your computer. Next, you will go to the “My Apps” area to find the app, or have it saved to your Bluestacks home screen. You can click on the application and have it open and running through Bluestacks. It will not be saved to your compute. You HAVE to use it through the emulator.

Step 2: Transferring Files

In order to transfer files using your ES File Explorer app on your computer, you will need to have your computer successfully connected to a reliable wi-fi. Your computer and the device you need to share with, HAS to be connected to the internet. Otherwise, the file managing application won’t be able to successfully read either your computer or the device.

Step 3: Same Functions as App on Android

Overall, the application is basically the same on your computer as it is on your Android device. You can still share images, files, compress ZIP files, as well as use built-in viewers and save much needed storage space. However, you will need to use your mouse/curser and go through an Android Emulator.

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ES File Explorer Alternatives

ES File Explorer for PC is An Incredible Tool for Your PC!

Now that you know exactly how to download the ES File Explorer for PC, you can start sharing and managing all your favorite files from your computer! Don’t waste time trying to use Bluetooth, or precious cloud storage. Get ES File Explorer for PC today and you’ll find it’s never been easier to share!


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