BVCAM For PC – Desktop & Laptop

Each one of us likes to secure our property, even when we are away from it. Most of the people have installed surveillance cameras on their property, so they could record every moment spent on it. But how to see what’s going on, when you are away from your home? Is it really worth it, using the services of surveillance apps? Well, yes if you are a user of BVCAM For PC, you will definitely be satisfied with the services only this app has to offer you. So here today, we will be telling you how to download & install BVCAM For Windows PC & iMac. First of all, let’s talk a little about the app.


BVCAM Description

BVCAM is an ingenious app which satisfies every need of a user who wants monitoring services. The main purpose of the app is to allow users to connect their IP & network cameras with their devices (smartphone or PC). Users can easily get the live feed of IP cameras onto their devices even when they are far away from them. Likewise, users can easily watch what’s happening on their property without following any trouble. In case a user feels conscious about the security of his belongings, he can configure the alarm notifications, as he desires to do so.


Now that you know BVCAM can be installed on your PC. But how to Log-in? Because if you don’t register, you will not able to access its services. To be honest, it’s really simple and easy to register with this application. A user only has to enter his active email account and set a strong passcode.

Afterward, he will receive a confirmation mail, with which he can start using the services of the app. So when you are successful in creating an account, the next step is to start adding the IP cams inside the app. For that, you can either search for the cameras connected with the same network or just scan them via QR-code. See, it’s that simple to BVCAM Login.

Live Monitoring & Talkback

In case you are willing to talk to your loved ones who are near the IP cameras, BVCAM For PC will help you do that. With the free facility of talkback, users get to chat with the ones who are at home.

Sometimes, you are trying to tell your dog to look out for the newbies, now you get to do that by sending voice commands. So now you don’t have to be at your property to tell little things to the ones who don’t have a cellular device.

More on BVCAM For PC

Following are the free features of BVCAM For PC which are available for every user.

  • Allows a user to connect as many IP or network cams as he wants to.
  • During a live feed, users get to take a snap and save it on their disk storage.
  • For watching the live feed videos made in the past, consumers can access the playback facility.
  • Tons of customization options available for users who always want what they desire.
  • Easy-to-use app’s interface.

What are the Best IP cam Apps For PC?

If you are willing to explore more apps similar to BVCAM For PC, then you can get V380 For PC or iCSee For PC. We recommend such apps because they are the most famous available CAM for PC apps available in the market. These apps are known to be the best ones you can find for the security of your belongings & property. All of the basic surveillance services are available inside these apps and also, they all are free.

How To Download & Install BVCAM For PC – Desktop & Laptop


Download  BlueStacks on your PC or Mac. Install and Configure BlueStacks before we start the installation of BVCAM on our PC.


Once BlueStacks is ready to use, open it and head over to the home page. You will have a few pre-installed apps, Click on the Search bar located at the top right corner.


Type in BVCAM and hit enter. Either you will be redirected to the Google Play Store or a new pop-up shows with BVCAM Info Page.


Click on Install button and when the permission pop-up shows up. Click on the Accept button in order to complete the installation process.


Once BVCAM is installed on your PC, you will see a desktop icon and also you can access it from the BlueStacks home screen.

That’s all.

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