Boomoji for PC, Windows, Mac

Boomoji for PC, In the countless languages of communication, emojis are grown to be on top. Emojis are not just used for fun, they also represent our feelings, emotions, impressions, and expressions.Smartphone communication apps offer you many kinds of emojis but they are just like stickers. It is an era of Augmented Reality. Whyn’t we should mix the Animojis and emojis with AR to take the emojis at the whole new level. For this purpose, we all have our smartphone companion Boomoji. An incredible app which helps us to convert your self into 3D avatars and cartoon form. This app worth to be tried. Let see the key features of this app.

Boomoji Prominent Features:

It offers some stunning tools and equipment to let you create characters. The menu includes a wide selection of animated stickers. You can send your animated stickers to your friends. Express your feelings with cool live emojis. Have fun with your friends, collaborate them in your AR videos. Make a group and tease other by sending some annoying and irritating stuff. Dual Stickers, theatre mini films 3D animations and much other cool stuff which you will surely like. Convert the strange-ship into friendship. Make as many friends as you want. Add them and enjoy the chatting something different style.

Makeup and Cosmetics:

Not satisfied with your skin tone or hair color. Change it with multiple varieties of makeup and cosmetics. From the makeup tools, you can change your eye color, hairstyles, skin color, tool. Furthermore sharp or enlight your face features to make your character more adorable. The best thing which most of the people like about this app, it makes a ditto copy of yours. Your 3D avatars will look cooler than your face in the mirror. Don’t take it personally, it’s just a sarcasm.

Fashion & Photoshoot:

Dress up your characters with an adorable range of Wardrobe. Select the dresses which you think you look good in it. Change the colors of clothes, make the perfect combination. Show your matching skills and see how many friends like your combination. Hundreds of clothes, shoes, and accessories are available for free. Don’t forget to do a photoshoot, feel like a top model showstopper. Now let see what fashion sense you have got. Change the background of your 3D avatars. Present the fantastic sceneries like a highly professional film director. Show some stunning moves through your dancing skills.

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