Arc Welder for PC, Windows 10 And Mac

Arc Welder for PCArc Welder for PC comes in handy when you want to access Android apps & games on Windows & Mac devices. While there are many Android emulators available for Android users, most of them have a significant problem. Specifcially, a user has to perform lengthy steps in order to access a single Android app. That’s why many users prefer to use the services of Arc Welder for PC. Luckily, Arc Welder for Windows does a good job at providing the services of testing Google apps on Windows PC.

How Do I Use Arc Welder in Chrome?

As Arc Welder is a browser-based application, you can always find it via the Chrome Store. To do so, visit the Chrome store and install the Arc Welder extension for Chrome. Fortunately, this way a user gets to install Arc Welder for Windows, Mac & Linux. It becomes very easy for users to test their desired Android apps in no time. Anyone can add an app in Arc Welder to experience it fully on a larger form factor.

Arc Welder for Firefox & Opera

You may be wondering how to get Arc Welder for the Firefox and Opera browsers? Well, there is an easy and simple way to get the job done. For Firefox users, they only have to install the extension from the Chrome Store Foxified. This extension will help them access Google’s browser-based apps on Firefox. As for Opera users, they are also allowed to access Arc Welder for PC.

What is the Size of Arc Welder for PC?

Arc Welder for PC is a very light-weight app. As a matter of fact, it is a browser-based platform so it only requires 12MB of storage space. Though, if you are going to download its XPI file, you will need free space of 170MB.

How Do I Install Android Apps On Chrome?

With the development of Arc Welder for Windows, it has become very easy for a user to install Android apps on Chrome. To do so, you need to make a search of Arc Welder for Chrome. Add the Arc Welder extension in Google Chrome. Now, download the Apk for Android file on your PC. Upload the recently installed file in Arc Welder and access it conveniently.

How Do I Run APK File on Mac & Linux?

It’s obvious that you can access any APK file on Mac & Linux with the help of Arc Welder on PC. To start working in this scenario, you must install an Android emulator on your PC device. As Arc Welder works best for a user who wishes to test APK files on Mac & Linux. As a matter of fact, after a user has installed the Arc Welder extension For Chrome it can be used to test the APK files.

Arc Welder for PC Substitutes

There are a number of Alternatives of Arc Welder for PC. Head below to know about them:

How To Download Arc Welder For PC, Windows and Mac:

To download Arc Welder for PC, you need to download and install Arc Welder Google Extension, click the Add to Chrome button, and enable the extension.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Step 1: Google Chrome Extention Download Arc Welder Google Extenton from here.

Step 2: Add to Chrome Now you need to click on the Add to Chrome button. It will start downloading the extension to your Google Chrome Browser. Step 3: Open Arc Welder in Browser Extention Now open Google Chrome browser and enable the extension.


Q: What is Arc Welder

A: Arc Welder is a browser extension that allows you to run and test any Android app on PC.

Q: Is Arc Welder only available for Google Chrome?

A: Arc Welder is a Chrome extension but you can also use it on Firefox and Opera.

Q: Is Arc Welder for PC available?

A: Getting Arc Welder on your PC is easy as you can simply download it from the Chrome store.

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